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March 13th, 2014

12:40 PM

Guild Wars 2: The 14th Lionguard Security Force


One of the more annoying things about Guild Wars 2 is that the best lore is found outside the game - on their website, on their Facebook, which aren't places people check out often. Why can't this stuff be in the game?

At any rate, with the recent Battle for Lion Arch living story episode, the folks came up with the story of the 14th Lionguard Security Force, a small troop of soldiers determined to get inside Lion's Arch first and hold their ground until reinforcements - that would be the players, naturally - show up. The folks at the GW2 wiki have compiled everything so far in the link above, so you don't have to log into Facebook now.

It's a pretty good story. My flamethrower Charr, Gorem Darkblade, is inspired - he may take a spin at Lion's Arch tonight, especially since they've fixed the "Six Minutes Till Knightfall" achievement and my heroes have yet to get that one.

I also love how the GW2 writing team doesn't blink an eye making female characters shine alongside the males in their stories. Marjory leads the latest Destiny's Edge 2.0 gang of NPCs, and nobody in the game blinks an eye when she hooks up with Kasmeer, a female mesmer. Eir is the leader of Destiny's Edge, and there are as many female leaders among the militant Charrs as there are males. Kryta has a queen, not a king, and she's a cunning diplomat and shrewd political chess player. Among the barbaric Norns, females go out adventuring, either on their own or alongside males as equals, and both husband and wife have equal roles in both raising the kids and hunting for food. Among the Asura, a midget genius race, gender doesn't play any role and Zojja is recognized as one of the smartest out there.

And yet, the whole thing comes together smoothly, without any obvious soapbox preaching. The whole thing just is. And after playing so many games where guys in charge is the default, it is refreshing to play something where the guys and the gals are playing on equal footing.

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