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March 15th, 2014

9:16 AM

eXcita is here

http://selenakitt.com/blog/index.php/2014/03/12/excitica-new-erotica-and-erotic-romance-distributor/ (NOTE: Link is NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

She calls it a "new distributor", but I feel that it's more like an online store. Makes sense in a way - it distributes your work to customers rather than other online retailers. Only with a difference: while "let's play at the petting zoo", "death is no obstacle", and "kids are so much fun to play with" elements are still not allowed (for legal reasons, I suspect), they do allow stories with "keeping it in the family" and "no means grope" (perhaps the inexplicably popular "mind control" genre fall under this too?) elements. This makes it somewhere in between the Amazon erotica dungeon and a Japanese free-for-all online adult store. Rule 33.5 instead of Rule 34.

Worth a look a few months down the road if you're reader, as they will be offering things you won't find at more mainstream sellers. eXcita is part of eXcessica, which I've found in the past to be decently-priced place (especially considering that they could have charged more for niche erotic materials), but the editing can be lacking (sometimes very lacking) at times.

For authors, well, the link has some info on terms and such. I'm not sure what erotic romance authors would gain from here if their works are already sold without issues on Amazon and such, other than exposure, but others who write "taboo erotica" would find a more welcoming home there, provided they don't touch on the three big no-no's. I wonder where this leaves those stories with creepy cannibalism and snuff elements. 
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