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March 17th, 2014

7:27 AM

Two weird links

"Lessons Publishers Can Learn from Harlequin's Annual Results"

Harlequin's problems could be due to bad contract and its inability to manage its funds properly. Authors decamping to go indie or aspiring authors no longer viewing Harlequin as a good avenue to publish romances may play a role, but this guy is just using the report as a platform to blindly babble about the oft-repeated joys of indie/demise of trad publishers. The idea that Amazon Montlake is killing Harlequin is hilarious - Amazon Montlake is nowhere as big as it could have been. Clearly, the writer doesn't know much about the romance landscape. The article is, predictably, used by some indie folks as their start-of-the-week ego prop. They really can't sleep well unless someone keeps assuring them that they are simply the best.

"Please HELP me PAY my wonderful Authors the ROYALTIES owed them!"

What the...? If you do want to give away money, I suggest you give them to the authors involved so that they can hire some lawyer to sue for both their money owed and their rights back.

Speaking of which, I've also seen "publishers" doing this begging thing on Indiegogo and Kickstarter to get money to publish new books every other few months. I'm shocked that there are actually authors that sign to these "publishers". Do they expect such publishers to survive for long? If the business model depends on people paying the publisher  to put out books that would be sold to other readers - the owners, naturally, skimming a share of the profits - then won't it make more sense for these authors to just go straight to the readers? 
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