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March 18th, 2014

11:45 AM

That's it, I'm taking a break from following the indie scene

Made the mistake of reading the comment section of an entry in a popular blog.

Once again, some indie authors are calling for the demise of print books, calling it an archaic thing. When addressing the special feeling of reading a book in their hands, they scoff and say that they get that feeling from Createspace books, but NEVER from any of those published by traditional publishers.

Are these people serious? From their tone, they are. Personally, I find it hard to respect authors who show such glee while calling for the demise of print books. The printed word, in every form, is a good thing, and it's such a self-serving kind of xenophobia for these authors to want to see only their way of publishing to succeed while everything else fails. They want readers to have limited options while pretending that they are speaking for the greater good. They can kiss my ass and jump off a cliff.

Ironically, in another entry, these authors are calling traditional publishers insular and thinking that their world is the entire world. Yeah? Those traditional publishers make THEIR books available to overseas folks like me at an affordable price. These indie idiots with their overpriced Createspace books and their Kindle-or-get-lost attitude can get run down by a bus after they have jumped off a cliff. God, such smug stupidity.

I'm sure there are sensible and rational indie authors out there, but it seems like the crazy vocal minority has infested every corner of the indie scene. Admittedly, the scene is small, but that doesn't mean I enjoy being subjected to these weirdos day in and out.
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Posted by Ashera:

What's interesting is that Konrath (if that is whose blog you are talking about) is much more of a moderate than some of his followers and acknowledges there are situations where traditional publishing could be the right choice for a particular author. My own stance is: can't we all get along? It is rather disheartening to see indie authors behaving in EXACTLY the same way as they excoriate traditional publishers for.
March 18th, 2014 @ 11:47 PM

Posted by Mrs Giggles:

I'm not talking abour Konrath - I actually stopped visiting his blog ages ago because he kept saying the same things (indie rules, Amazon rules, and me and my friends are so brilliant). But I could be talking about the same people, because I notice the same names popping up in so many indie blogs these days.

I personally don't get indies that find such glee in seeing trad pub die, especially when they claim they weren't rejected by trad pub before. If their glee doesn't stem from personal grudge, then I guess they're just crazy?

As a reader that loves the written word in every form, I can't get behind authors that root for the demise of books.
March 19th, 2014 @ 12:01 AM

Posted by Meljean:

Yeah, I don't understand the glee. The demise of print means that books are more difficult to find internationally, but also more difficult for everyone who can't afford the ebook reader (or even the computer to read it on) to enjoy the books they want.

I know far too many readers who still get their reading material at the library (which CAN sometimes have self-published print books, but usually doesn't), the used book store, or by lending between friends. That's not so easy with ebooks, or with print-on-demand trade paperbacks from Createspace.

Trad publishing sucks in other ways for those readers (not allowing lending of ebooks, high priced trades, etc) but the demise of print serves no one, and hurts too many others.
March 19th, 2014 @ 8:55 AM