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March 19th, 2014

1:00 PM

Bully authors versus bully reviewers

Just trying to read the Dear Author article by Robin Reader or Robin or Janet or whatever she is calling herself these days, when it occurs to me that I never had the chance to state my stance on this whole matter. Not that I think folks are wanting to know, but this is my blog, so...

I know, it's an anticlimax, but I'm going down the safe route and say that I don't care. Actually, I don't want to care, because choosing sides is like having to decide between crazy and crazy, and both sides of crazy are doing things that I personally do not want to be associated even a little with.

I've always believed that if your blog post has more than one screenshot from other places, you're losing it. If your post have six, you've lost it. Well, these people, from both sides, tend to do long crazy posts with all kinds of screenshots from this place and that place, and when one side realizes that the other side has poached a screenshot from their blog, that side would go after the other side for "copyright infringement" and what not. While doing the same thing themselves with screenshots from the other side. When they're doing it, it's "fair use". When the other side is doing it, it's "copyright infringement". 

One side accuses the other side of leaking private personal information. The thing is, both sides do this while pretending that the other side does it worse. Both sides stalk Facebook and Twitter and whois and cross-reference what they find with the Department of Revenue, Google Map, whatever. Both sides check IP numbers like crazy, suspect everyone else to be a sockpuppet. It's like following inmates from two lunatic asylums waging war.

One side accuses the other of swarming and herd bullying. Well, both sides do that. Bully authors swarm negative reviews and downvote or report them. The other side swarm product pages of these authors and paste one-star reviews. And when called on it, both sides insist that the other side started it.

Also, if you pick a side, you must conform to the party line whole day, without hesitation, or the rest would turn on you as viciously as they treat the other side. It's not about right or wrong, it's about winning the last word and crushing the other side.

Additionally, their method of "discussion" is tacky. Pretend to converse rationally, then mock and sneer at you with their friends on Twitter, a blog, a forum, a Goodreads group, or - usually - all of these. Some even do this openly, baiting the other side only to mock the other side in such avenues. The whole thing is so juvenile.

Some people can pretend that the whole thing is an intellectual matter, a matter of upholding "freedom of speech" (seriously), "integrity", "decency", and other words that mean "I'm right and you're wrong so STFU", but it all boils down to Crazy Hypocrites vs Crazy Hypocrites. The whole thing is so undignified, and I don't do undignified.
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