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March 20th, 2014

11:12 AM

Penis, Pulling an Elle Casey, and other links of interest (to me anyway)


The Denver FOX TV channel accidentally showed a pee-pee - a pretty hefty one - during its Good Day Program. The reaction of two of the hosts are priceless. At the time of writing, there are some amusing comments left on their Facebook page, although I suspect they'd be buried or deleted soon.


Person 1 says, "No one can turn out twelve or thirteen full-length novels every year."
Person 2 responds,"Really? Have you read some of the success stories from people around here?? We even invented a new term: pulling an Elle Casey."


Needless to say, the thread is locked for comments that show disrespect to Elle Casey, who is also a member of the Kindle Boards.


From the same board, indie authors discuss what keeps them from sleeping peacefully at night.



Here's an interesting project: Fogland.

The founder describes it as this:

"Every story is set in the world of FOGLAND. This is a mythical town where, owing to its geographical location, fog descends on over two hundred days of the year.
"Writers can either expand on characters and story lines in previous episodes of Fogland or create new ones in their stories. And it can be written in any style. The title must include a Fogland street name (which the writer devises).

"When each episode has been written, I record it and distribute it on the weekly Fogland podcast.

"At the end of the podcast, listeners are encouraged to explore other works by the featured author.

"At the same time, the author can publish the text version of their story in online stores.

"The author can charge for that book or go the perma-free route. It's up to them. They can also embed the podcast on their own website and use it for promotion, or elsewhere."
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