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March 21st, 2014

11:44 AM

Marjory and Kasmeer in Guild Wars 2

It has been leaked by a user named "that_shaman" on the MMORPG Guild Wars 2 Reddit channel that the original intention of the recently wrapped up Battle for Lion's Arch arc was to have Marjory Delaqua die. You can listen to the voice tracks that were supposed to be present following that tragedy here.

Some background: Marjory Delaqua, the girl in darker clothes above, is a private investigator patterned after the traditional Sam Spade-style character, only with a gender-bending twist. She took in a business partner, Kasmeer Meade (the one in purple) who is an orphaned noble lady fallen on hard times. As the months passed in game time, these two became more than friends.

While I thought the current ending used - where everyone is alive and happy - a bit to sweet for my liking, I'm glad Marjory wasn't killed. Killing her would be a triple cliché combo: "LGBT can't have happy endings" trope, "let the chick die to stir up emotions", and "we can't have people happily in love in our fantasy story - for cred's sake, let's kill one of 'em off so that the partner becomes hardened and stoic and all emo!"

What is interesting here is that Kasmeer-Marjory has become a big thing among a big chunk of fans of this game as well as folks from DeviantArt and Tumblr. Fanfiction cropped up. For weeks leading up to the climax of the arc, there were anguished posts from people who just knew - knew! - that Kasmeer would die as she's conforms more to the stereotypical concept of femininity and therefore is the "wife" of the couple, and we all know of how wives are frequently killed off to make the husband all tortured and blue and angry for the next episode.

The fact that we have two hot chicks getting it on is probably a big reason for their popularity - a cynical part of me doubts that two hot guys getting it on would be as well received - but their relationship has been treated with surprising tenderness and respect for an MMORPG game. There were initially lots of subtle UST at the beginning that had some people wondering, "Wait, are these two...", and a nice slow build-up that had these two slowly sharing their sad stories to one another while flirting in an adorable dynamic (Jory's more deadpan, Kas more playful, and the combination is amusing and occasionally laugh out loud funny). When they do hold hands and Kas rests her head on Jory's shoulder after one tender moment after a hard won and taxing battle, it felt natural rather than "OMG, FANSERVICE! HOT CHICKS TOUCHING FAPFAPFAP nonsense". The only overt romantic moment was a kiss, and that was only because Kas was so relieved that Jory wasn't dead like everyone thought.

Just one kiss in the entire story arc - not exactly fanservice for the boys. The execution had been problematic - the kiss scene was ruined by some hideous animation, for example - but the story in itself is tender, sweet, and romantic. It's something I don't come across in MMORPG games, and I'm glad, all in all, that Jory survived. No more sad lesbians, especially these lesbians.

Too bad Arenanet didn't dare cross another line and have Braham and Rox getting it on. Not that this would stop the fans - I didn't look, but I'm sure there are fanfiction and naughty pics online already. If Braham and Rox become a couple instead of being "best friends", the furries would be so happy, the haters would explode, and I would be one amused person watching by the sidelines.    
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