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March 28th, 2014

11:15 AM

Tutus and baby pictures

Tutu, tsk tsk


The SELF Magazine recently asked a woman for her permission to feature her picture in its issue. She was pleased... until she found out that her pic was featured in a section devoted to mockery of marathon runners' outfits. She was wearing a tutu, which SELF found ridiculous. The thing is: the woman had brain cancer and her tutu was something she wore to cheer herself up. Her marathon buddy, in that same photo, had a "DIE, TUMOR, DIE!" sign scrawled on her shirt, which should have been a clue if the SELF folks were more alert. They didn't even ask the woman why the tutu, they just went ahead.

After SELF made the news, people weren't amused. At the time of writing, their Facebook has an apology, which is full of the usual puff PR speak for "We ain't that bad, we really love her and people like her! XOXOX!". and it is being piled on in the comment section. If you want to see, go now before the SELF folks delete stuff or those comments get buried!

Don't do this to your kids

Slate has an article on the ramifications of posting your kids' pics and other stuff in digital media. Worth a read. 

Breadstick Paltrow gets grilled


Hilarious open letter to the Breadstick in response to her recent moronic comments about having it hard compared to ordinary mothers who worked office jobs.

The comment section is even more hilarious. Trolls/genuine stupid people abound, accusing the letter writer of being a bitter old bag who shouldn't have kids if she couldn't afford them.

Presented without any need for my comments


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