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April 5th, 2014

12:28 AM

Here's Popbitch!

Disclaimer: Popbitch is a newsletter of gossips, slanders, dirt, and filth that you can subscribe to at popbitch.com. I'm just passing along this week's edition for everyone's reading pleasure. Note that there are links to adult materal so use your discretion when clicking! Having said that, here's Popbitch:

Grand National -
Need some help choosing a horse or
placing a bet? Follow our Grand National
guide below. But here are six simple
ways to make the right selection:

"I cried at my son's sports day, for God's
sake. I'm a huge baby" - Jamie Redknapp
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* Grand National special
* Nepotism's not dead
* Charts: Aloe Blacc is number 1

        >> Katy Purry <<
        Getting through kittens

    Katy Perry's diva demand of being
    given a kitten to play with at a
    recent LA photoshoot wasn't an
    isolated incident. She also did
    the same on set in the UK while
    filming a clip for a TV promo.

    When she was finished with the
    single kitten that the rider had
    managed to find, she announced
    that it was going spare and asked
    if anyone on set wanted it. One
    of the dancers offered to give
    it a home, but Perry said she
    could only take it on one
    condition: she had to name it
    after her new album.

    And so the cat was named Prism.
    (At least until it got home.)

One of the firms who arranged insurance
for Gareth Bale's Real Madrid transfer
made so much cash they took a year off.

        >> Big Questions  <<
        Who wants to know what?

    Which members of the Wales squad,
    in the Hong Kong Rugby 7s last
    weekend managed to pull in a bar
    but then when they got back to her
    house was so drunk that "his
    performance was brief"? After
    which he went to the bathroom,
    shat all over the floor and then
    fell asleep in it.

Robin Thicke's dad composed the theme
tune to Diff'rent Strokes.

        >> How media works pt 247 <<
        Nepotism is alive and well

    Jack and Finn Harries are the
    poster boys of youtube success.
    Their video channel, JacksGap,
    has millions of subscribers.
    They've done so well that
    they've just hired Freud
    communications to represent them.

    Jack and Finn's entry into the
    blogging/media business can't
    have been hurt by being the sons
    of top TV executive Andy Harries,
    and the grandchildren of
    playwright Michael Frayn. It's
    lucky for them they've found a
    highly suitable PR who'll no
    doubt understand their pathway
    to success in Jack Freud, nephew
    of Freuds boss, Matthew, and
    great-great grandson of Sigmund.

Rickmansworth celebrated this week when
Mel C chose one of its tattoo parlours to
get a large feather incorporated into the
Celtic band tattoo on her right bicep.

        >> Superinjustice <<
        What might have been...

    Back in 2011 we were excited to
    join up with the horse racing
    authority's Racing For Change
    project, and get a Popbitch racehorse.
    We chose a two-year old filly to run
    on the flat, and called her
    Superinjunction. Another group taking
    part was TV's Soccer AM. They got
    a promising hurdler.

    Within a few months we discovered
    a tiny flaw in our plans for
    Superinjunction. She didn't like
    racing. Certainly not racing as
    fast as the other horses around her.
    So she retired and went back to her
    breeders. Soccer AM's lease finished,
    but the hurdler was turned into a
    chaser. His name? Teaforthree.
    And tomorrow he starts favourite
    for the Grand National.

******* Grand National Section ***********

    The Grand National is on C4,
    4.15 Saturday.

        >> How to Pick Your horse <<
        (if you want to pick a horse)

    Bet with your head this Grand
    National - get the FREE, simple to
    use Racing Post app for expert tips
    and easy-peasy betting.

    IPHONE: http://bit.ly/rp_iphone

    ANDROID: http://bit.ly/rpandroid

    OTHER: http://bit.ly/rpFREEapps



    We've gone through all the stats
    and trends you can think of to
    try and work out who will win.

    * The race is most likely to be
    won by a brown horse aged 9-11,
    carrying less than 11st 7lb. It'll
    have raced at least 10 times, won
    at least one good race over 3m,
    raced over hurdles this season,
    shown good form on a left-handed
    course and probably finished in
    the top 5 in its last race..

    We've gone through the horses and
    the two that best fit this profile:
    Burton Port and Monbeg Dude.

Place your bet today -  sites
will be super-busy near race time.
It's a good time for each-way (finish
in the top 5) betting:



    We played all six of the Coral
    horse generators.
    We got one name three times.
    Which must be an omen:
    Across The Bay.

    Pick your horse and get your bet
    on here:


    One thing worth remembering is that
    horse names beginning with M win
    proportionally much more than they
    should. This year - Mr Moonshine,
    Monbeg Dude, Mountainous

Your own Grand National sweepstake
kit here:


        >> Bad news <<
       How not to do an interview

    Channel 4 had to apologise for
    running a news item a few weeks
    back when it was revealed that
    three of the four 'members of
    the public' they interviewed for
    some on-the-street voxpops were
    actually all employees of the
    same PR agency, Livity. Which,
    coincidentally is where the
    interviewer himself had
    previously worked.

    Bad practice, sure, but it's
    not a patch on ITV.

    During the teachers' strike last
    week, ITV interviewed a 'random'
    working mum, Fiona Jull, and poor
    Fiona told them all about how she
    had had to arrange emergency child
    care. That wouldn't be the same
    Fiona Jull whose PR company
    represents Emergency Childcare,
    would it? Why, yes it would! Not
    that ITV bothered to tell viewers.

Matt Berry spotted in Soho wearing bright
red cowboy boots. Matt, Lisa Stansfield
and Suggs all seen at French House's
annual pints-serving day.

        >> Baboon v Badger <<
        The monkey gets the vote

    Scott Adkins - star of The Legend
    of Hercules - says: baboon!

    "Because if you've got a bum
    that looks like that you've
    gotta be hard, haven't you? With
    a bum like that, you've gotta
    be tough..."

More from Scott:

Geoff Dyer spent two weeks on an
aircraft carrier. He'll tell Alain
de Botton all about it on May 28th, for
5x15. Popbitch subscribers get 5GBP off
tickets using booking code: TOPGUN

        >> Hmms <<
        Feltz, cats, gifts

    One of the nicest reviews of
    Frankie Knuckles' life was by
    Alexis Petridis:

    The art of passive-aggressive
    gift giving:

    Metalheads and their cats:

    Neighbour's cat winding you up?

    Vanessa Feltz does Kimye:

    Want to intern for Beyonce?
    She's willing to pay you in
    unlimited Pepsi and three selfies!

Eurofest Eurovision Preview at Royal
Vauxhall Tavern, Friday 11 April.
Limited tickets available on door
to see the lovely Conchita Wurst:

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