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April 14th, 2014

3:16 PM

Dragon Age: Inquisition news - YES, CULLEN IS YOURS

Latest news from the official horse itself: Cullen is romance-able.

I would look like a no-life nerd for saying this, but yes, I WANT I WANT I WANT. I have been wanting him to be romance-able since he became so hot in Dragon Age 2. This is the best news ever since they announced that Kaidan is romance-able by male characters in Mass Effect 3 and my male Shepard finally has a reason to wait this long for him. (Yes, I'm one of the five people who adore Kaidan, thanks for letting me know. It's the voice and the hair. HOT.)

I may have to make my first ever female Bioware character (I can't stand the female running animation in those games) if he is exclusively only for the ladies. Yes, I know many people canon-ship him with a female mage, so he probably should be straight, but my Warden is a male Arcane Warrior who went with Morrigan through the Eluvian to raise their god-baby of the apocalypse together, so in my Dragon Age canon, his sexuality is up in the air.

Anyway, if the game reuses the same running female animation, I'm going to make a male character and get him all gaga for Cullen. I'm so going to make the biggest and tallest Tal-Vashoth Saarebas I can make and pair him with Cullen for the LULZ. Okay, I kid. It's kinda sexy - the crushing prison of love, complete with sparkly templar smite aura all over the place.

Oh, I'm sure the gameplay and the story would be nice. Whatever. Cullen is all mine now.


Shut up.
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Posted by Ashera:

Heh! I really liked Cullen in DA2. He was one of the few sane and morally grounded NPCs. Their character development from DA1 was interesting as well, given that he started off as a shy nerd (if you are a female mage) and graduated to a semi-psychotic zealot-- no wonder, but still. When you meet him in DA2 I alays get the feeling he is there in Kirkwall because Greagoir got sick of his shit! I wonder where they're heading with him in DA3.
April 14th, 2014 @ 10:02 PM

Posted by Mrs Giggles:

I wish they can somehow let me create another Amell character. My DA:O canon Warden is an Amell, my canon DA2 Hawke is of course an Amell, and I think it would be cool if another Amell saves the world.

I wanted to make an Amell lady this time, but as I've said, the exaggerated female running animation makes me go, "Ugh!"

Anyway, if Cullen ain't for the boys, I'm setting my sights on Cassandra. I've been disappointed before (why Alistair don't like boys? :-?) so I will live.
April 14th, 2014 @ 10:47 PM