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April 15th, 2014

2:33 PM

Overheard: the other side of RuPaul Drag Race She-malegate

Background info: http://www.advocate.com/politics/transgender/2014/03/18/rupaul-stokes-anger-use-transphobic-slur

(Link to a LGBT website - your employer may not appreciate this, so use your discretion.)

Disclaimer: I stand by earlier statement -  I am not openly taking side in this debate. It's not my place, I'm not a member of the LGBT community - the usual. Having said that, I think it's worth picking out some posts from the "other" side - people who think the whole drama is ridiculous. One interesting thing I noticed is that most of these folks are usually older. The ones getting the most vocal on the other side - the "Down with RuPaul" side - seem to be younger . I wonder whether we have some kind of studies to show whether age and experience play a role in how one reacts to these things.

Again, note that these quotes (which I won't link to - I don't want them to be crashed by the Tumblr Angry Girls who are now, drunk on their "victory", looking for blood outside of their echo chambers) are said by members of the LGBT community, but something tells me they are not in the T community, heh. I'm presenting this because, while some comments are obviously troll-y in nature, others show various facets of the complicated beast known as affirmative action. Politics, ego, "otherness", and other factors create various schisms and factions within the community. More importantly, comments like these reveal the divide between the T and the rest of the GLB in the rainbow sandwich.

All in all, most interesting and, at times, educational.

  • Give me a fucking break. RuPaul clearly intended no offense with the use of the term shemale. If anything, it is meant as a term of endearment.
  • Yea, two things: RuPaul saying "a biological woman or a psychological woman" was quoting Venus Xtravaganza in Paris is Burning. It was a tribute. Our Lady J, a gorgeous and talented trans singer/pianist, was featured on the very episode.
  • GLAAD logic: attack the gayest show on TV and give awards to "straight allies."
  • That's our GLAAD. I can see the use for it in the 1980s, when there were no positive or even neutral gay or lesbian characters on screen. But today GLAAD is just an A-gay organization giving awards to A-straights - and being a bunch of whiny language polizei in the process.
  • First Ellen and now Ru. They really need to calm the fuck down and show Ru some respect. She's dead right about the only difference between a drag queen and a tranny being $25,000 and a good surgeon. An entire movement of people who are constantly "hormonal" will be like this I suppose.
  • How many GLAAD media coordinators does it take to screw in a light bulb? Four. One to screw in the lightbulb, one to hand out an award to a straight celebrity for having the courage to play someone who screwed in a lightbulb, one to issue a press release adding another L and B to the sexual minority alphabet soup to represent light bulbs, and one to cash the checks.
  • Trannies need to accept that 'cisgender' is never going to happen.
  • Do the trannies really think that men & women are going to start referring to themselves as "cismale" & "cisfemale", just to accommodate their deranged psyches?
  • We don't need a special term for people born to the gender that they identify with. There are bio males, bio females, and transgendered FTM and MTF. That's it. People born to the gender they identify with are simply males and females. Transgendered people need to stop "othering" the whole entire rest of the world. If we need to accept that they're different, then so do they. Stop foisting bullshit "otherness" on people who are just male or female by birth.
  • If you're wondering why trans issues now dominate the GLB agenda, this is why. Professional gay rights activists know their careers cannot be sustained indefinitely in a world in which gays and lesbians are gaining increasing mainstream acceptance in the Western world. Hell, it's got to the point where young people are citing the church's backwards attitudes towards homosexuality as their main reason for rejecting Christianity. There are numerous forces arrayed against the forward march of gay rights, of course, but they are severely on the back foot and will only become more marginalised as time goes on.

    The trans community is their new golden goose - an ever-agitated and aggrieved constituency that DEMANDS an army of professional advocates who are ready to push lawsuits and intervene at the hint of any offence, however unconsciously given. It also helps that the largest group of trans people these days are white heterosexual cross-dressing men, who often have oodles of cash to throw about.

  • I think the trans community's biggest issue is that they immediately fly into a rage of indignation whenever something they don't like happens, rather than calmly explaining why something is offensive/upsetting to them. They make themselves unlikable, and you need to get people on your size and empathize with you in order for them to want to support you.

  • The trans community are self-burning martyrs. Every fucking thing is an insult. The cis nonsense has to stop. In a perfect world everyone would feel happy in their own skin but if that isn't going to happen without surgery then good luck and I hope it goes well but stop demanding that everyone else must accommodate your gender ID issues. Being born male or female is the norm, it doesn't need another name.

  • Let me un-duct my dick to plug up that whine.
  • Soemtimes wussy, self-righteous, little straight cis-males who consider themselves 'progressives' like to get on board, too. My, what has become of the 'left' with the millenial generation?

  • I know these words are in English - but me no speako Queer...
  • You are the tranny apologist. you are probably a "lesbian transwoman" with a dick.
  • Some lesbians said MTFs are male, and a trans woman told them this made them rapists.
  • Criticising a group for being overly politically correct, and insisting on dictating correct language is NOT transphobia. Your assertion that there is 'hate' is absolutely indicative of the modern trans movement, which has a complete lack of focus and nuance. It does not mean we hate trans people, but rather the way the movement has organised itself.
  • Why is it always MTF that are the shrieking social justice warriors? I don't think I've ever seen this behavior from an FTM.
  • Because MTFs are males who want to be treated as 'princesses'. The combo of male entitlement and feminine narcissism is what gives MTFs their special brand of crazy.
  • Learn some history bisexuals and trans people have done more for gay and larger LGBT rights than gay men and lesbians have and bisexuals and trans people deserve to be with the L and G. This being said GLAAD is a total joke and loves to promote censorship.
  • Gay/LGBT pride parades were started by a bisexual woman, Stonewall was started by bisexual and trans people, and drag queens, and there are more examples.
  • Cis-gendered males in ladies clothes otherwise known as "drag queens" and transsexual M2F individuals have been joined at the hip forever. In the ball scene, where RuPaul's idioms were coined, there was little distinction between trans and drag. There have been trans people on RPDR and they didnt dress like women off the high street, they dressed like drag queens, as many of them have been doing in balls and pagents (along with realness). This solid wall of distinction between drag and trans is a very new phenomena. RuPaul and drag queens feel entitled to use tranny and she-mail/male as they used to be the same thing to the rest of the worlds eyes. To use your analogy, it's like you telling a light skinned black man he's not entitled to use the N-word. I don't get this new generation of trans activists who want to eradicate trans and drags common history. Is acheiving middle class mediocrity so important you are willing to throw gay men under the bus? At this rate soon Logo wont be able to show "Paris is Burning".
  • I understand that trans people go through some really tough shit but please, if you need to be coddled through everything go to daycare. A handful of people are offended, that doesn't mean you have to break something down. Have you tried being less offended about it? Have you realized that just because you're offended doesn't mean the world stops turning? There are so many bigger, more important issues at stake here and whining about this crap is just stupid. RuPaul has done nothing, literally, other than support the LGBTIQ community. I am not saying you shouldn't be offended, I'm saying Suck it up Buttercup, there's a lot rougher shit you gotta deal with.
  • If we remove all those "bad words", we're removing so much more than the "bad words". We're removing the opportunity for dialogue that could help us grow as a community.
  • How about we stop LABELING everyone and everything and try to actually tackle the real issues faced by the LGBTQIA(sp?) community or whatever we call ourselves these days. Labels. Labels, labels, fucking labels. And what exactly are those labels doing for us except dividing us as a community and helping the opposition keep us divided?
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