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April 23rd, 2014

12:57 PM

Book Depository - guess the honeymoon is over

In the last few months, they have quietly raised the prices of their books. Mass market paperbacks go for $9 and even over $10 now despite the cover price being $7.99. I paid $10.37 for Karen Ranney's new book, $8.89 for Caroline Linden's, and the February Kimani books all went for $6.07-$6.17.

Customer support blames this on "currency fluctuation" - at least, that's one someone told me, as my own email to them never received a response - but you have to wonder: what kind of genius thinks it's a good idea to sell books that cost more than the cover price?

If I put on my tinfoil hat, I'd say Amazon just wants to kill off Book Depository by pulling this stunt.

Sadly, even with increased prices, they are still cheaper than Amazon due to Amazon's heinous shipping fees.
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