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April 23rd, 2014

1:54 PM

The Last Inquisition

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And behold, the cast of the new Dragon Age game. I'm planning to play a mage now, especially since the new Mage specialization, Knight Enchanter, sounds like Arcane Warrior. I bet they would nerf the OP'ness of the Arcane Warrior (when my mage can out-tank everyone without losing even a quarter of the total HP...) but this is going to be fun, because... let's face it, the best armors in these games are always heavy armors, and I like my toons to look hot.

Oh, and from left to right: Cullen, Vivienne, Varric, Random Klingon Dude (Possibly Cole), Solas, Cassandra, the Inquisitor, Iron Bull (Tal-Vashoth Sten-expy), Mage Companion from Tevinter (Possibly Dorian), Lelianna, Elven Archer Woman (Possibly Sera), Token Black Character, Grey Warden Companion.

Token Black Character, Lelianna, and Cullen have no weapons in the above image. Chances are, they are Mass Effect-type supporting NPCs that linger around at key areas or play some roles in key parts of the story, but they won't be available as companions. Bummer. I wanted to see Cullen in action more. Oh well.

Oh, and the in-game map:

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