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April 25th, 2014

6:21 PM

Here's Popbitch!

Disclaimer: Popbitch is a newsletter of gossips, slanders, dirt, and filth that you can subscribe to at popbitch.com. I'm just passing along this week's edition for everyone's reading pleasure. Note that there are links to adult materal so use your discretion when clicking! Having said that, here's Popbitch:


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"I know my cock's always in the
custard for saying Bongo Land,
or something" - Godfrey Bloom
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_         _ 24.04.14 ISSUE 687
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* Scope or grope, Mr Keitel?
* The Slappertons are back!
* Charts: Mr Probz is no 1

       >> Nice reception <<
       Doing it for the digs

    The producer of a big British daytime
    talk show surveyed a group of guests
    about why they had chosen to go on
    telly to talk about their personal
    problems. What do you think the most
    common answer was?

    To give their issues a wide, public
    platform? To generate debate or help
    others in the same position? To get
    the sort of expert advice that only
    TV money can buy? Erm, no. The most
    popular answer given was: "To stay
    in a nice hotel"

    Which becomes even more poignant
    when you learn that the producer
    revealed the 'nice hotel' they
    book guests into is a Travelodge.

When given the 'scope or grope?' option
at US airport security earlier this week,
Harvey Keitel opted for the grope.

        >> PR 101 <<
        The young and the dumb

    You're a teenage film-maker who
    has made a violent movie where
    loads of people get murdered.

    How can you get some press coverage
    for it? Well, calling it Hunger Ford
    might bring it some red-top

Marco Pierre White was having lunch with
a friend last week in Randall and Aubin -
they played spoof for who settled the
bill. Marco won.

        >> Big Questions <<
        Who's asking what this week

    Which Premier League title-chasing
    football star has sold his credit
    facility with an elite betting firm
    to a "whale"? The professional
    gambler has been so successful
    that he can't get his biggest
    bets placed, so has got the star
    to front it for him (in return
    for a nice fee, naturally...)
    Let's see him try to defend that
    one if the bookies find out.

Coke own the domains ahh.com, ahhh.com and
every one after that up to, and including,
'a' followed by sixty-two 'h's.

        >> All Spice <<
        The beef that just won't die

GR writes:
    "Caught All Saints' comeback
    performance at G-A-Y. It was a
    great show. However, as soon
    as they exited the stage, the
    organisers played, with the
    volume cranked right up, the
    song Who Do You Think You Are?
    by the Spice Girls.

    "Cruel, very cruel!"

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        >> Footing the bill <<
        Can Glen Johnson save Pompey?

    It's not only Liverpool who may get
    a good payout from their sponsors
    if they top the Premiership, as we
    reported last week. When Portsmouth
    sold Glen Johnson to Liverpool it
    was in written in his contract that
    if Liverpool win the Premiership
    with Glen playing for them, Pompey
    would get another million pounds.

Popular on the Game of Thrones set:
Nikolaj Coster Waldu (Jamie Lannister)
Not popular on the Game of Thrones set:
Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell),
"she's a right bitch."

        >> Chicken cottage <<
        Fowl behaviour in London saunas

bad_horsey writes:
    "Canny visitors to saunas in public
    baths have frequently smuggled in
    bags of ice to wrap around the
    thermostat and thus raise the
    temperature to proper Scandinavian
    levels. This was recently brought
    to the attention of the staff at
    a leisure centre in Lewisham. When
    they investigated however, they
    found two men doing something a
    little bit unexpected.

    "Namely, cooking chicken breasts
    on the sauna's heater."

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        >> Hmms <<
        Cats, beezin, Skrillex

    Have internet cats had their day?

    Forget sniffing glue and smoking
    banana skins. The kids are all
    beezin' nowadays:

    Ever wondered what would happen
    if a PR guru was convicted and
    decided to go kamikaze?

    While we await the Clifford
    jury's decision:

    All the drops on Skrillex's
    new album, charted for your

    Lights! Camera! Tax Shun!
    How film-based tax dodges
    actually work:

    Why did the last Muppets movie
    get such mixed reviews?

    Issue 2 of the Popbitch Magazine
    is available to download NOW.
    All exclusive content:

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        >> Stuff about Popbitch <<

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* Mail by aysabtu

Thanks to: bad_horsey, deep_stoat, monstris
theabominablehoman, GR, JA, LEW

Old Jokes Home:
David Moyes is in talks to take up
a role at UKIP. They're looking for
an expert to get them out of Europe.

Still Bored:
Wedding narcissism. For hire.
(Come back to us when you've
done the Human Centipede...)
1 user comments.

Posted by AQ:

So I'm reading Sleigh Bells in the Snow. It's a Rita finalist so I was vaguely curious. But once I read your review I had to know I would view it.

It's not going well.

I've hit chapter three they are getting into the car and all I've been thinking the entire time is what you said here:

And why portray Kayla's job in a way that has me wondering whether the author has any idea how the world of public relations operates?

This woman isn't a marketing executive. But to be fair, the guy isn't coming off as a hotshot hotel operator either.

How much further down hill do we go as my ability to suspend my disbelief is stretched much too thin.

And what's with opening scene of workplace sexual harassment? Is that to let me know that Kayla is hot but doesn't sleep around and is a workaholic who only does busy work yet somehow makes projects happen?
April 28th, 2014 @ 1:30 PM