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April 30th, 2014

1:03 PM

Sci-fi Social Justice

A bit late, but I was out of the loop while I was off to La-La Land:


What is it with the sci-fi/fantasy author community and social justice? That kind of drama pops up more frequently there than most other genre communities. The infamous RaceFail of a few years back was sprung from them too. Someone told me that it's probably because people need to be a bit crazy to come up with fantastic new worlds - that or they have pharmaceutical aid to help them go crazy in that way - but I don't know. I mean, if I'm high and I can still type away huge walls of text all day on the Web, I think I'm doing that getting high thing wrong. Other theories: sci-fi/fantasy also has a large influx of former fanfiction authors, aspiring writers who write fanfiction, and fanfiction fans - and we all know how drama-prone and hyperbole-addicted people of that community can be.

In the link above, add in indie authors sharing their cents on things like gay marriage and such and the popcorns just burst out of the pan into the fire.

Like every "social crusade" that is taking place online, it does seem more about "my last word is better than yours" and "my personal philosophy is more morally superior than yours", all revolving around never-ending arguments about semantics.
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