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May 8th, 2014

4:51 PM

Here's Popbitch!

Disclaimer: Popbitch is a newsletter of gossips, slanders, dirt, and filth that you can subscribe to at popbitch.com. I'm just passing along this week's edition for everyone's reading pleasure. Note that there are links to adult materal so use your discretion when clicking! Having said that, here's Popbitch:

"The history book on the shelf is
always repeating itself" - ABBA, Waterloo
POPBITCH           _     _ _       _
 _ __   ___  _ __ __ (_) _ ___ __
'_ \ / _ \ '_ \ '_ \ __/ __ '_ \
_) (_) _) _) (__
.__/ \___/ .__/ _.__/ _ \__\___ _ _
_         _ 06.05.14 ISSUE 688Xtra
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go to http://www.popbitch.com
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* You've Got (extra) Mail
* Don't get too excited...
* ... It's a Eurovision Special

       >> Save the Wurst til last <<
       Hello Europe, it's Conchita time!

    Hello! We've made a free 60-page
    guide to the Eurovision Song
    Contest, just in time for
    tonight's first semi final.

    * If you have an iPad you can
    download it for free here:

    * If you want to see it on
    any other device - including
    your computer - you can
    download a free pdf here.

    * In it:
    - A profile of each song
    - The best of the ones that
    didn't make it
    - Stats, facts and figures
    - The politics of Eurovision
    - The lovely Molly Smitten-
    Downes (the UK's best entry
    for years)
    - And more!

    If you're not interested in
    Eurovision, have a lovely day
    and enjoy the links and jokes.

The Detective Chief Inspector in the
Max Clifford case, for Operation Yewtree?
... Michael Orchard!

        >> Music Treats <<
        No Eurovision here!

    OK, so this song contest might not
    float your boat. So here's five other
    tracks you might enjoy:

    1. Michael Jackson
    Sounding like it's 1983 again:

    2. Usher
    A bit good, bit annoying, not sure:

    3. Melanie Di Blasio
    Belgian, jazz, smooth:

    4. Duck Sauce
    Hudson Mohawke remix beats original:

    5. Disco Mystery
    Mystery artist, huge bidding war:

AH writes: "Cocaine doesn't make you crap
yourself. The favourite agent to "stretch"
cocaine is Mannite. Italian baby laxative!

        >> Written in the stars? <<
        All roads lead to East Midlands

    The current champions of all of
    these have come from Leicester:

    a) The Football Championship
    b) The Great British Bake Off
    c) The Great British Sewing Bee
    d) World Snooker Championships
    e) X Factor
    f) Premiership Rugby

    UK's Eurovision entry Molly
    Smitten-Downes is from... Leicester!

Ukrainian politicians have complained
that Austria have entered a drag act. In
2007, Ukraine came second in Eurovision
thanks to... drag act Verka Serduchka!

        >> Hmms Xtra <<
        Tuesday Linkage

    A real Valley of the Dolls:

    Treat your snails with kindness:

    Do you want to touch Avril Lavigne?

    The animal with Conchita Wurst
    on the Eurovision magazine cover
    is a Tarsier. Despite what they
    say on this video, he's not
    really a proper monkey:

        >> Stuff about Popbitch <<

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Thanks to: LMES, SK, BF, mountstnobody
monstris, SW, GO, AM, AH, ulysses,

Old Jokes Home:
Q: What's the difference between
Kate Moss and Max Clifford?
A: Kate Moss is on the cover of Vogue.
Max Clifford is doing Time.

Still Bored:
Learn to beatbox with Elmo:
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