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July 13th, 2006

2:05 AM

What is MaryJanice Davidson doing?

I like MaryJanice Davidson's books. Okay, not all, but she's okay with me. I can see where she is coming from when she states some of her views in her dust-up bouts with some people out there. But I do wonder, what is she doing to herself?

The other day I noticed that her name was brought up by non-romance readers as an example of an author who just cannot shut up. They don't know her books but they have heard of her online fisticuff sessions. The latest is when MaryJanice Davidson shows up at Laurell K Hamilton's fanboard. On one hand, I have to admire her tenacity in showing up everywhere and anywhere, it seems, to confront anyone who talks about her in one way or the other. But shouldn't she choose her battles a little wisely?

There are some authors who are pretty much confirmed Batcrap Crazy. Laurell K Hamilton is one of them. She married her fanclub president, created Micah and Jonathan after him, used Richard the werewolf as her therapy couch to indulge in her love-hate feelings for her ex-husband, and inserts so much of her own neuroses into Anita Blake while having a psychotically rude PA that spends her free time planting spies on other message boards to get "loyal fans" to flame non-fans of the authors. And how do I know all this? Laurell shares everything in her blog. One of her latest entries see her talking about how "sex with Richard is always good" and how "Anita" couldn't straighten out her feelings regarding Richard, which is outright creepy considering how the author admitted candidly in interviews and in her blog that Richard was her ex-husband. And then the author has the cheek to blast people for daring to speculate on her personal life when she overshared these details with the public in the first place.

One look at Ms Hamilton's personal forums should have given a wiser author pause. The forums are filled with posts written in... well, let's just say that the posts clearly are of the same standards as Ms Hamilton's own unedited writing. The reputation of the author and the kind of scary fans populating the forums should be a sign that perhaps what Ms Davidson wants to say should be said in a more reasonable and intellectual kind of environment.

So for Ms Davidson to show up there is akin to jumping into a pool of mud with the pigs while trying to tell the pigs to dance like she is telling them to. At the end of the day, she gets mud all over herself and people may not care that she has grand ambitions of teaching pigs to dance - they only see the mud on her face.

Ms Davidson is a big gal. I'm sure she knows what she is doing, even if from my point of view she's trying very hard to win the Lori Foster Trophy for Miss Online Congeniality. There is a reason why she, as an author with a reputation and credibility, will choose to fight battles after battles even if the victory is at best a Pyrrhic one, surely?
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Posted by sallahdog:

I heard about the dustups with a blog entry by Darla (on LKHS blog) about people being mean to MJD.

Being a fan of MJD and wanting to know exactly what happened I ventured into blog land and was shocked by what I found.

Sure, I found a couple of harsh blogs, but the one that MJD put in HER blog and said was proof that people were picking on her, didnt mention her by name. She got into a posting war with several bloggers and has taken to stalking their blogs, responding to blogs not about her at all, and trying to make the blogs all about her.

One blogger changed her url, trying to get some of the drama to die down, and MJD promptly followed her, to try to ramp stuff up again.

I was shocked, does MJD have this much time on her hands? Hey, I know I do, but I work on the average of 3 hours a day. Do Bestselling authors have this kind of time?

I went back to the LKH board and asked a few questions of MJD and was banned, for flaming authors and posters. :o oh well.
July 13th, 2006 @ 10:34 AM

Posted by Alex:

so so nice to see others share my own opinions of LKH and team MPE
July 13th, 2006 @ 12:16 PM

Posted by Jane:

I love how MJD plays the innocent victim over there. Oh poor me. I didn't do anything to instigate these bloggers. everyone just decided to pick on me out of the blue. Sob sob sob.
July 14th, 2006 @ 10:44 AM

Posted by Battosai:

I work for an author on her forum which has freedom of speech and no where as many rules as the LKH forum does. But if you're an author, you have to have or develope thick skin, because ppl can and will be cruel. It'd be more professinal for someone like MJD to look past petty insults, especially being a bestselling author. You'd think she'd be above stalking disenchanted fans all over the internet. That's not cool at all if this is so. Is shows no class whatsoever. :-?
July 15th, 2006 @ 9:22 AM

Posted by jenn:

And I thought it was just me that thought LKH had mental issues and in need of therapy. Not to say this for the sake of insulting her but she obviously needs therapy. Why can't her husband and assitant see that? AND they should convince her NOT to post her personal life on her blog. It is not a personal journal. All sane readers really want to know from any author is when is the next book coming out and what is it about! We the readers are not your confidant, your best friend or a family member. Don't overshare. :-?
July 15th, 2006 @ 10:27 AM

Posted by anonymous:

Oh oh, you're going to get MJD coming here to scold you for flaming her :-P.
July 15th, 2006 @ 12:11 PM

Posted by Net:

I have not read the insults MJD has accused others of doing. What I don't understand is this, why does she give a damn. Her books are selling, these people can do her no harm. She gives them power over her, by responding or even acknowledging what is being said. Rather immature and idiotic to me.

Laurell K Hamilton, a complete nut case, who has written her diary and wish fulfillment as fiction, has so much as said so, and then has the gall to get upset when it is scrutinized. My feelings for her are the same I have for her character. Why in the hell is everyone recieving therapy except the nut causing everyone around her mental anguish.
July 18th, 2006 @ 2:19 PM

Posted by misosmart:

Personally, I find most authors I come across or work with a bit wonky. I think what folks forget is that authors are just as dysfunctional as every other person out there. And they are artists, their art is words. And most artists I know have quirks.

Whatever LKH is doing she's doing it right, as her books are flying off the shelves. I think she's dumb like a fox and laughing all the way to the bank:)
July 20th, 2006 @ 1:39 PM