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November 8th, 2007

11:38 AM

The Toilet Bowl is back in business

Stop blog madness!

I will try to follow what I believe are the Golden Rules of Sensible Blogging.

  1. No gross TMI. I don't like reading about people's sex life (unless they are Hollywood stars and the gossip comes with videos or pictures), incontinence problems, or anything that should not be shared with anyone other than the person's shrink, doctor, spouse, or close family members. Therefore, I won't subject visitors to this blog to such matters.
  2. No showing soiled underwear to passers-by. Blog brawls are so undignified and some dramas are not worth the time or energy to participate in. I'd rather choke on my bile and wave a middle finger to a dissenting idiot, er, someone who disagrees with me rather than to carry out a feud that will only embarrass myself.
  3. Do not hesitate to delete comments that are inflammatory in nature. This relates to the above. "Democracy" and "freedom of speech" are so overrated when it comes to blogging matters. Sometimes a troll is a troll and should be zapped with extreme prejudice.
  4. Only say something about a Blog Drama of the Week if it only concerns me and I have something substantial to say. Any "me too" statements are best left in the comments section of the relevant blogs. Otherwise, I may end up inviting the brawl to my doorstep and I always hate cleaning up after parties.

I think it is timely here to mention the current blog drama between Cindy Cruciger, Ann Vremont, and company (dubbed the "Mean Girls" by Karen Scott) and Karen Scott (dubbed the "Mean Girl" by Cindy Cruciger and company).

You see, I like some of the books I've read by Ann Vremont and Selah March and I won't deny that I enjoy their styles. However, I'm starting to see that some opinions are seeping in where my favorable reviews of these books are being taken as a sign that I am on their side versus Karen Scott. That is not true. I like Karen Scott's style too. I don't know personally any of the parties involved in the drama, but I like to believe that I can go on to say out loud in the future that I enjoy the future books of Ann Vremont, Selah March, and anyone else involved in the drama without being accused of taking sides here.

You see, I am that kind of person who think that I can separate an author's antics and her books. Therefore, regardless of whether I agree or not with the author's behavior, I will most likely pick up her books, especially when I have enjoyed books by her in the past. Heck, I know of Roman Polanski's criminal record but I still watched his movies.

I think the whole drama reflects badly on Cindy Cruciger and her friends and personally I wish they will just take a break from the drama. Even if they manage to drive Karen Scott offline, it will be a Pyrrhic victory as they have attracted too many fascinated/horrified people to watch the sideshow. I don't know why they are fighting with Karen Scott and I suspect that many of the observers and participants don't know either. Or don't care as long as they can watch the fireworks, heh.

But they are all big girls. They should know what they are doing. So I'll just stay out of the drama and refrain from publicly taking sides. I just want to make it clear that whether or not I read and enjoy books by the authors involved in the future, this is not a sign that I approve of their actions.

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