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November 20th, 2007

11:42 PM

iUniverse sucks

iUniverse my arse

Some of you who actually visit my website may know that I read and review self-published and POD books (here). Well, I can now scratch iUniverse off my list of favorite bookstores because they suck. My recent PC problems caused me to lose all the ebooks stored inside so I had to write some embarrassing emails to Harlequin, PerfectBound/HarperCollins, and other places to get them to reactivate my download links so that I can rebuild my library.

The iUniverse support department is the only one that doesn't bother to even respond with a no if they don't want to let me get my books (some of which I haven't even the opportunity to read yet). That is very rude, not to mention annoying, don't you think? It's been days since I wrote that email, so it is not as if I'm being unreasonable. I suppose I can call them, but given that I'm in Malaysia, that will be an expensive and tedious hassle.

I guess it's just Lulu now for me when I get my ebook versions of these self-published stuff since I don't want to pay shipping fees for an already overpriced book. Sorry, iUniverse authors, but those people  at that place aren't getting any more money from me.

PS: Why yes, I actually buy most of the books that I review. I know, shocking.

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