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December 4th, 2007

7:51 AM

JJ Massa

This is going to come off like opportunistic begging, but I'm really just curious. Does anyone have a copy of JJ Massa's now out-of-print The Edge that they are willing to share with me? Electronic copy please. Email me if you are so kind and willing to share. I'd love to do a comparison to the piece of fanfiction it was allegedly plagiarized from. By the way, the fanfiction Another Time, Another Place (it's free to read) is pretty good despite the fact that Star Trek is not my usual choice for fanfiction. Nothing personal, Trekkies, I could never get into the TV series or its zillion spin-offs. If we are talking about Han Solo/Luke Skywalker slash, on the other hand... heh.

Update (6 Dec): Already have a copy. Thanks!
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