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Janitor On Duty

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December 9th, 2007

10:00 PM

Guilty pleasure

The Big Apple Donut & Coffee stores were previously located in places like The Curve and a few other spots in KL. With me being in Klang and I wade through the horrendous traffic once or twice a month only to bookstores in KL, I have never taken the trouble to go out of my way to try their donuts.

Until one of their stores finds itself in Klang, at the new AEON-Jusco shopping mall in Bukit Tinggi. We went there for the first time last Sunday and I bought their 6-piece box at RM9.50. What happens is that I took a bite out of the peanut butter donut and the banana donut and now I think I am addicted to them. I actually braved one hour of traffic today just to get another 6-piece box.

How inconvenient. I'm supposed to be watching my blood pressure, cholesterol levels, et cetera, and here I am developing this irrational craving for banana-flavored donuts. Maybe I should go on a binge until I get so sick of the donuts that I will not even want to look at one in the future, heh.

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