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December 13th, 2007

10:06 PM

The Amazing Race 2 Episode 4 Recap (of sort)

Since Izad is off to Bali enjoying the wine, blokes, and what-not, I guess I may as well do the recap thing for this episode. Except, I didn't take down any notes, so I don't know how to give a proper recap as a result. Then again, this episode is pointless because it takes place entirely in New Zealand, on a leg that comprises plenty of driving, and our charming belles Sophie and Aurelia started out SEVEN HOURS behind the second last team, so it's a given which team will be eliminated by the end of this leg.

Teams started out doing a blatant Caltex plug that I do not care to remember, then they head off to do some water sledge thing that we have seen in... well, this episode is very reminiscent of the US version, season five, because from that point it's off to Hell's Gate to locate a stick of sorts (roadblock). And finally, a detour between learning a traditional stick dance or weaving a headband.

First: Marc and Rovilson. I have no words about how increasingly obvious and unfunny their "Look at me!" shtick is episode after episode. They make me miss BJ and Tyler. That's how bad these losers are. I don't mind them if they are witty or funny, but dude, they just... aren't.

Second: Adrian and Collin. So adorable.

Third: Paula and Natasha. These girls are fierce.

Four: Anne and Diane. They have some tough luck driving on their way to the water site, but so far they are doing good. I have no idea why Terri hates them though. Then again, Terri has issues.

Fifth: Daichi and Sawaka. Daichi is so cute. If I'm fifteen, I will buy all his CDs if he ever fronted a J-Pop band.

Sixth:  Vanessa and Pamela. They are fast losing their cool, but two Charlas in a team is still adorable in my opinion.

Seventh: Terri and Henry. Terri has issues. Either the editing is not doing her any justice and we are missing out on why she refuses to do anything other than to scream at Henry, or somehow the deep-seated psychological reasons she may have about their life back home are seeping into the race and it's not pretty to watch.

Eliminated: Sophie and Aurelia. They never had a chance, starting out seven hours behind Pamela and Vanessa. As much as people give Sophie heat for her treatment of Aurelia, I can see where she is coming from, though, since she's dead on when she says that Aurelia has never covered her back on this race. Aurelia is... on the wrong show, clearly. Still, I'm quite disappointed to see them eliminated because they are an interesting team with funny moments (think Tian and Jaree in TAR3).

The two Filipino teams and their legion of annoying fans have to get off my show. NOW.

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