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January 1st, 2008

11:32 PM

Why I link to the blogs that I linked to

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I've been asked of this before and I may as well answer it here.

First off, I'd love to link to all 326,744 of you out there, I really do, but Bravenet in their eternal miserly selves have decided that unless I pay up big bucks every month, I can only have up to 25 links in this blog. Therefore, I can only link the blogs I read since space is a premium at this point. So why do I link to the blogs in question?

  • Neil Gaiman. Dude, it's Neil Gaiman. What more do you need to ask?
  • Dionne Galace and Karen Scott. These are fun blogs. Besides, with the way blog drama explodes in regular intervals at dear Karen's place, it's best to reserve front row seats there week after week.
  • Laurell K Hamilton is just plain nuts, which makes her blog so much fun to read.
  • Monica Jackson is an outspoken diva, thoughtful thinker, drama queen, and underdog all rolled into one glorious self. She keeps it real, and I like that.
  • Carolyn Jewel's blog on writing is one that I find most interesting. I don't know why, but I just do. Same with Diana Laurence's blog. She always has something to say in an entertaining manner.
  • Lim Kit Siang and Jeff Ooi keep it real where Malaysian politics are concerned.
  • Kelly Martin dogs Wikipedia with style and I find the whole thing most fascinating to follow.
  • Michael Lucas is an adult film actor, producer, and studio owner. Arrogant, cocksure, and hot-tempered, he never hesitates to bitchslap his rivals and critics. If you are ever curious about the drama and scandals that take place in the adult film industry, book a front row seat here.
  • Elyse Sewell is easily my favorite reality TV contestant ever. She always has something fabulous to say, although at very irregular intervals as she's ironically one of the most successful non-winners of America's Next Top Model.
  • Emily Veinglory's EREC blog is a comprehensive and interesting place to catch up with the latest events and news in the erotic fiction landscape. It's also a good starting point to other similar places. Sarah Weinman's blog is similar in this instance, although she's more into mysteries and thrillers.
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