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January 11th, 2008

7:55 PM

Cassie Edwards and me


I don't want to make a serious matter into something that is all about me, but it looks like I have to address this anyway since I see that some people have taken my last post and run away with the idea that I support Cassie Edwards and her "tribute" to Native American texts in her books. I can't win, I tell you, so I guess I may as well put myself in the firing line.

  1. I believe what Cassie Edwards did is wrong.
  2. I believe what Jennifer Crusie said is valid.
  3. I believe what Cassie Edwards did is wrong.
  4. I wished the news broke out on somewhere that was more neutral than Smart Bitches.
  5. I believe what Cassie Edwards did is wrong.
  6. I am uncomfortable with the fact that Smart Bitches broke this news because that website has been a free-for-all where Cassie Edwards is concerned. I'm not just talking about bad reviews. It's pretty clear that Cassie Edwards is easy target there. Reviews of her books are done just so that people know that she's a terrible writer. I have no problems with that. But this also means that for a long time now that anyone can show up there and make comments that, should they be made towards someone else like Nora Roberts, will be considered crossing the line to personal attacks.
  7. I believe what Cassie Edwards did is wrong.
  8. We also have people at Smart Bitches deliberately reading her books just so that they can make fun of her. I know I'm guilty of panning her books in the past, but I personally decided that I've said all I've said about her books and buried the dead horse long ago. Again, I have no problems if Candy and Sarah want to make sport of Cassie Edwards. It's their right. However, I read some of the comments on Cassie Edwards there and wince because these people don't read her books, don't plan to, or don't even read romance novels at all. They are just there to join in the piling on of Cassie Edwards. That, to me, is cruel.
  9. I believe what Cassie Edwards did is wrong.
  10. Therefore, when Smart Bitches broke the news about Cassie Edwards, I winced because this means there will another repeat of the cycle of personal attacks and vicious slams on Cassie Edwards.
  11. I believe what Cassie Edwards did is wrong.
  12. I have no problems following the news and developments on a more neutral ground like Dear Author, where it's clear that they are not fans of the author but they don't make Cassie Edwards a frequent target like Smart Bitches do, in the name of "snark" or not.
  13. I believe what Cassie Edwards did is wrong.
  14. I stopped reading the comments on Smart Bitches because it is hard not to suspect that for many of these people, they don't care that Cassie Edwards did something wrong but rather, they are just happy that they have an excuse to tear her apart again.
  15. I believe what Cassie Edwards did is wrong.
  16. Cassie Edwards will be 72 this year. Smart Bitches have been making sport of this woman for years now and she probably didn't know anything because from what I can see, she doesn't seem hooked online and her correspondences go through her fan club.
  17. I believe what Cassie Edwards did is wrong.
  18. I believe that Smart Bitches did right in exposing her actions as plagiarism is wrong. But given the site's history, this discovery seemed to arise as the result of the planning of another hunting season on Cassie Edwards. Sadly, it seems just incidental that what would have been another typical bashfest on Cassie Edwards ended up exposing something that is actually of consequence.
  19. I believe what Cassie Edwards did is wrong.
  20. But... she's 72. She's writing anything from four to six books a year and... I know, I shouldn't be making excuses for her, but I suspect that anyone at 72 who keep writing at her pace will either crumple under pressure or pull off something like she did. She should be, if not retired, writing at a more realistic pace. Why is she still writing? Is she the sole breadwinner in her family?
  21. I believe what Cassie Edwards did is wrong.
  22. As someone said to me via private email and I agree, the response to this particular expose is significantly more vicious compared to previous exposes. Opal Mehta never got the venomous reaction like this one, and Opal is a young woman who should know better. If anything, Opal has less excuses to do the crap she did compared to Cassie Edwards. But the folks of Smart Bitches in the comment threads barely pay Opal half the venom that they gave Cassie.
  23. I believe what Cassie Edwards did is wrong.
  24. But I also can see why Jennifer Crusie was asking the people at Smart Bitches whether Cassie ran over all their cats. I can personally see a difference in the type of comments on Smart Bitches versus those on Dear Author on the matter, and in this instance, I can only read those on Dear Author without feeling as if I've just taken part in a bloody gladiatorial ring in the days of Nero and I need a bath.

What Cassie Edwards did is wrong. But, as I've said, I wished the expose broke out somewhere else that hadn't had a history of kicking and pummeling a 72-year old woman who never once responded in any way to her defense. As much as my brain knows that Cassie Edwards is wrong in what she did, the human part of me can't help pitying Cassie Edwards in this instance. She's 72. She's not going to keep writing for long. Therefore, I really wish we'd just lay off the woman and focus on steps to prevent such matters from recurring instead of calling for her head on a plate. Like it or not, casting aspersions and making vicious fun of a 72-year old woman reflect more poorly on the person doing the name-calling rather than the person being called those names.

That's the bullet points of my "unpopular opinions". I knew that saying all this is tantamount to inviting trouble onto my blog, but it seems like I'm not going to win either way so I may as well say this instead of letting people make all kinds of assumptions on what I mean by "unpopular opinions" and coming up with all kinds of nonsense.

Now fire away, people.

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