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February 14th, 2008

10:00 PM

The Amazing Race Asia 2 Wrap-Up

Wow, that was a blast of a finalé. What, you are expecting me to gnash my teeth and screech that "mactors" must die? Sorry, buddy, I leave all that hysterical and frankly repetitious and barely literate ranting to the charming people at Sucks.

Yes, I think Marc and Rovilson are off-putting and cheesy as hell, but I also think that they can be funny, they just tried too hard and went overboard to the point that it's like watching drunken frat boys trying so hard to pick chicks up. It's part and parcel of "Asian humor", I guess, where subtlety is not part of the repertoire. But I blame the casting more for their tedious domination - and subsequent tiresome camera-hogging - because I'd like to know what they are thinking to cast two able-bodied men who have been photographed doing all that rappelling and kayaking and climbing in a pool of teams comprising fit folks who however are amateurs when it comes to such borderline extreme sports thing. It's like putting Michael Jordan against a bunch of high school basketball players. What is Michael McKay, the producer, thinking? Oh wait, he isn't thinking. You see, Marc and Rovilson were tagged on the show as "best friends" when it should be "best friends of Michael Freaking McKay".

God, what is McKay thinking? I bet he has ties with those deranged online Filipinos. No offense to sane and pleasant Filipinos out there, but the majority of online Filipinos are on the mentally deranged side, constantly showboating and hooting about how their people, their country, and their reality TV stars (or in the case of Jasmine Trias, someone with even the most remote ties to the country) are better than everyone else in the world. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, with Marc and Rovilson cheesing and mugging their crap throughout the season, this season because those vocal and demented creatures' therapy couch as they try to find their self-esteem or something.


pardon my French, as Aurelia would surely say. Of course, the detractors of Marc and Rovilson, especially in the lunatic asylum of Sucks, are barely any better.

But aside from the rabid fan scene that has overtaken the mad dogs that are the American Idol fandom and  made me embarrassed as hell to even admit liking this show, I actually like this season, the atrocious miscasting of Marc and Rovilson and the toxic and dysfunctional couple of Teri and Henry aside. I thought Daichi and Sawaka are so adorable, Aurelia and Sophie are a hoot, and I adore Paula and Natasha's good-natured cheer. I have no problems with Adrian and Colin as well as Anne and Diane, although they are a bit on the dull side for me. My favorite team is Pamela and Vanessa because these two ladies are so funny and so tough, it's like watching two Charlas in a team, although Vanessa isn't above pulling some Mirna-like drama once in a while, heh. Pamela is awesome, I tell you, she takes no prisoners and I love it when she breaks into her fishwife accent when she's mad.

So yes, congratulations to Adrian and Colin for coming in first, good job to Pamela and Vanessa for coming in second, and oh yes, sucks to be Marc and Rovilson but I'm sure they will get over it. I mean, these two have treated the whole season like their personal cheesy stand-up show, so hey, this is just another TV gig for them. Whatever.

I must say though, it is disappointing that ultimately the winning team is determined by how good you are in remembering flags. And how typical it is that it has to be a Singaporean who turns out to have memorized every flag of every country - or so it seems - because he's a kiasu kid like that. The Amazing Race? Try The Amazing Geography Quiz.

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