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February 18th, 2008

11:17 PM

Hard Shell Word Factory


I've been wondering about this for a while now and I wonder if anyone out there knows anything about it. Is Hard Shell Word Factory still in business? They were the first generation epublishers along with New Concepts Publishing, DiskUs Publishing, and Awe-Struck. DiskUs Publishing has turned itself into a Southern Mom & Pop recipes-and-kids book publisher the last I check but Hard Shell doesn't seem to be updating its website at all. The promised new releases since January 2008 have not been added to the website, so I can only assume that there are all kinds of problems at that place. And yet no one is saying anything, which I find rather odd.

This is what Piers Anthony's report has to dish about Hard Shell Word Factory:

April 2006 update: They are now accepting submissions for their four volume Chronicles of Egypt anthology: one volume each for Horror, Mystery, Romance, and science fiction . Um, correction: because I review these sites once a year, I am behind the times; the deadlines for Horror and Romance have passed, but you can still catch the others. They want 25,000 word novellas. Check their site for specifics. They bremain closed to regular submissions.    April 2007 update: That Chronicles of Egypt anthology remains listed, though all its publication deadlines are past. This is not promising. But they still hope to reopen regular submissions soon.  June 2007 update: a report of problems galore. "Too bad because it used to be THE epub."

What is going on with Hard Shell Word Factory? Anyone knows?

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Posted by darragha:

Looks to me like they're in business.

Borne on Wings of Steel by Tony Chandler (E/P) YA Science Fiction
Cross-Eyed Dragon Troubles by Gloria Oliver (E/P) YA Fantasy

January 2008

Deadknots by C.J. Winters and Jennifer DeCamillo (E/P) Mystery Anthology
Girl of My Dreams by Morgan Mandel (E/P) Romantic Comedy

February 2008

Night Whispers by Karen Sandler (E/P) Paranormal Romance
For Jenny's Sake by Barri Bryan (E/P) Romance

March 2008

Merlin's Musings by Sally Merlin (E) Non-Fiction
Outline in Blue by Lynn Turner (E/P) Romantic Suspense
Wingbeat by Marilyn Meredith (E) Mystery

April 2008

Calvin to the Rescue by Robert L. Hecker (E/P) Humor
Forbidden by Barri Bryan (E/P) Contemporary Romance

May 2008

For The Love Of Charity by Kate Adair (E/P) Historical Romance
Traitors by Michele Levigne (E/P) Fantasy

June 2008

Don't I Count? by Mary Ann Kerl (E/P) Middle Grade
Sorrows of Adoration by Kimberly Chapman (E/P) Fantasy/Romance

July 2008

Once Upon a Halloween Night by Steven Lee Climer (E/P) YA/Middle Grade
Galactic Tales #1: By The Numbers by Tony Chandler (E) Science Fiction
Poor Pio by Eileen Dunn Bertanzetti (E/P) Middle Grade

August 2008

The Fifteenth Letter by Karen Wiesner and Christine Spindler (E/P) Mystery
Galactic Tales #2: The Final Rite by Tony Chandler (E) Science Fiction
Whisper Upon the Water Workbook Student Ed (P) YA/Other
Whisper Upon the Water Workbook Teacher Ed (P) YA/Other

September 2008

Galactic Tales #3: Reality Check by Tony Chandler (E) Science Fiction
Lord Ravenbourne's Bride by Kate Adair (E/P) Historical Romance
Rexdylan in the Magical Sofa of Time by Eric Baker, Lois Corcoran, Kelly Corcoran (E/P) Mid-Grade Fantasy

October 2008

Chronicles of Egypt Book 1: Echoes of Intrigue Edited By Diana Kirk (E/P) Mystery Anthology
Galactic Tales Omnibus by Tony Chandler (P) Science Fiction
February 20th, 2008 @ 9:25 PM