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March 2nd, 2008

7:41 PM

Old Hong Kong Movies

One of my favorite HK martial arts movies ever is Once Upon A Time In China. The first and second movies in the series are the best while the others are forgettable to horrible. Jet Li will always be Wong Fei Hong to me. The theme song is amazing. I found it on YouTube so here it is (thanks to "luzifugum" for uploading it):

Another of my favorite martial arts movie from Hong Kong is Swordman, starring Sam Hui. Okay, the sequel with Jet Li and Bridget Lin is still watchable although this one is a darker movie. I like the first one so much better while the subsequent sequels after the second movie are complete rubbish. The theme song is also a good one, although the scenes in the montage below are from the sequel. It may be worth noting that the woman in the scenes below with the hero is actually a man who begins gaining the physical attributes of a woman on the account of the forbidden martial arts that (s)he has mastered. This fellow makes a pretty interesting and often tragic villain in this and the subsequent unfortunately unwatchable sequels.

And let's not forget A Chinese Ghost Story, the period ghost movie featuring everyone's favorite waif Joey Wong and the late Leslie Cheung

The late Leslie Cheung and Bridget Lin also starred in the martial arts Romeo and Juliet period movie The Bride With White Hair, where Juliet eventually succumbs to the dark side and starts killing everybody, heh. I'm not too fond of this one and the sequel (which you must watch as the second movie is a genuine sequel - the first movie has no conclusion, only a "To Be Continued" thing) because of the pedestrian storyline and cheesy melodrama meant to signify pathos, but the theme song is lovely.

And you are missing out on one of the finest, campiest, and absurdly surreal action movies ever if you haven't watched The Heroic Trio. Maggie Cheung, Michelle Yeoh, and the late and dearly missed Anita Mui in the same movie can't be wrong. Oh, but skip the sequel - that one sucks donkey bollocks apart from a lovely ballad in that movie (whatever it is called - does anyone know, it's the one that played around the time when the husband of Anita Mui's character bites the dust).

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Posted by Linda:

I LOVE Leslie. He was so beautiful. But Bride With White Hair was craptastic. The only bit I remember is when Leslie and Brigitte get it on in a pool in a cave. Rowr.

Haven't seen Heroic Trio, must check it out. Another cheesy film I love is Zu Warriors of the Magic Mountain. That's quality.

The theme music to OUATiC has turned up in about a zillion Chinese dance tunes. I think it's based on an old folk song or something.
March 3rd, 2008 @ 2:26 AM

Posted by Gennita Low:

I loved Leslie Cheung before I left Malaysia. I missed so many of his movies but whatever I managed to catch still resonated with me. I wish I have the time to get the movie you mentioned (Ghost Story) because I'd love to watch it. I've seen trailers and little bits and pieces of it through the years. Bah.

My last all-time favorite Chinese show is an ATV series with Tsui Siu-Keung in Reincarnated. I hated, loathed, and DETESTED the replacement after he was fired midway in that show. The theme songs of Reincarnated are very memorable. It's been decades and I can still sing/hum them.

Wah, I want to see the Leslie movies.
March 3rd, 2008 @ 3:43 PM