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November 26th, 2008

10:19 AM

Lora Leigh going for $4.50

Elizabeth's Wolf by Lora Leigh

Get your mind out of the gutter - Lora Leigh isn't doing that. No, Ellora's Cave is practically giving off some of her print titles for $4.50 each
here. Considering how I'd love to get them (and read them at leisure compared to the yet-unread ebooks of hers that I have, which I have to sit before a PC to read), I'm so disappointed that I have already used up my allocated budget for purchases of books from online stores. I mean, trade paperbacks for $4.50? I can't resist, but it looks like I have to, sigh.

Mrs Giggles is actually the pseudonym of a feisty damsel in distress who is currently hiding from her mate, Badase Mac, who just won't quit despite the layers of underwear she wears to conceal her arousal/arsenal of lies/whatever from that were-donkey's nose. Anyone with advice can drop by at mrsgiggles.com.

4 comment(s).

Posted by Fiordiligi:

You read in front of the computer? Why don't you buy yourself a reader? I know some are expensive, but you can get a good PDA for 80€ or so...
November 26th, 2008 @ 7:10 PM

Posted by Mrs G:

Reader devices are not available over here, plus most of the contents for reader devices like Kindle are not available to folks outside the USA.
November 26th, 2008 @ 9:15 PM

Posted by Gina:

oh! I've been told she's a good read. Thanks for the heads up.
November 26th, 2008 @ 11:31 PM

Posted by Fiordiligi:

Well, I don't live in the US either, besides, I would never spend that horrible amount on a e-reading device. But PDAs I get at ebay. Not sure you have ebay, but if not you could look for a PDA in France. Their shipping costs to destinations outside of their country are ridiculously cheap *g*.
November 27th, 2008 @ 6:50 PM