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November 28th, 2008

4:14 PM

Alla Luce Del Sole. Si! Si!

I have a love hate relationship with Josh Groban. I want to have his babies - figurative speaking, of course, because have you seen that man? - when he's doing that exotic sexy tenor crooning to my ovaries in Spanish or French thing. When he decides to sing sentimental pap, on the other hand, I loathe him.

Alla Luce Del Sole still my favorite song of his, although Now Or Never comes close to topping that one in my "Songs that actually make this moppet sexy to me" list. Seriously, if we take his voice and Patrizio Buanne's body/face, mix the two of them and add about five inches to the height, we'll get the perfect Mediterranean lover to star in my personal Harlequin Presents epic love story.

Mrs Giggles is the pseudonym of bestselling Harlequin Presents author Imogen Virtue. Her titles include Ruthlessly Fondled By The Brooding Spanish Tycoon, Recklessly Bedded By The Alpha Greek Gazillionaire, and Powerfully Impregnated By The Vengeful Millionaire Sheikh. Find out more at mrsgiggles.com.

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