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December 16th, 2008

4:31 PM

My favorite hate mail

It's lovely to get plenty of fan mail - not that I get many of those, heh - but sometimes, a hate mail can give me a good laugh too. This one is especially funny because... well, it's funny. And I gave the game a score of 93. Oh, and to help you put things in context, I believe "dbz" refers to Dragonball Z.

Without ado, meet Omar!

i would like to say that your comment on guilty gear xx was completely wrong everything u said about the game was just wrong a great example would be your genius comment about chipp dbz wannabe, how can a ninja e anything like dbz just because u get owned like 10000000 times in this game dont mean it suck if your going to make a comment on such a great game make sure u read the offical website and fyi sol badguy in not the main its a joint main with both sol and ky kiske but im sure for someone like u who cant be bothered to learn and play a game u would never understand one more thing ur little comment about the xx was totally unnessary that just tells me what was going through your mind at the time you were buying the game and insults everyone who has bought the game plus look at the posters an the packaging then look at the back of the game and again read i but to be fair thi is the only review of yours i have read but im dare not read another i might have porn or some more dbz wannabe's

3 comment(s).

Posted by Ann Somerville:


Does that come with a translation?
December 16th, 2008 @ 5:27 PM

Posted by Stacia Kane (December Quinn):

Well. I guess they told YOU, huh.

December 18th, 2008 @ 8:37 PM

Posted by Mary B.:

I can haz punctuation plz?
December 19th, 2008 @ 2:11 AM