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December 23rd, 2008

9:55 PM

Merry Christmas, everyone

Have yourself a great time. While I'm here, I may as well share some amusing tidbits.

LOLOLOL at a spamming "promotional group" that sent me ebooks without my requesting them, only to become silent once I reviewed some of those ebooks these two weeks. Have they realized what they have gotten themselves into?

Interesting link at POD People.

Oh, and while we're talking about traditional publishing, seriously, some people should stop getting so anal about the phrase "traditional publishing". You know who you are. Just because PublishAmerica described themselves that way does not mean that anyone who uses that phrase is an evil scumbag. Stop projecting your own issues on innocent bystanders and come up with a better (more user-friendly) phrase to replace that one while you're at it. If not, go take your lighters and popcorns and shove them up... er, go torch some Christmas trees.

We need a new blog or a website in the community. Seriously. I think we need a dynamic new voice that says something different, even if that something is not what we'd like to hear. The current scene feels rather... stagnant, shall we say, with the same things being rehashed, the same echo chamber effect taking place in the comments, and even the same people showing up everywhere. Or is there a super secret romance haunt that I am not aware of?
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Posted by Ciar Cullen:

Merry Christmas. And please, don't encourage another cyberplace. I check enough spots that infuriate me daily. Wait...that makes me an idiot.
December 23rd, 2008 @ 11:24 PM

Posted by Gennita Low Jenn:

Merry Christmas, Mrs. Giggles, and to your family and furbabies too. I'm enjoying learning about the POD world; many there remind me of the old days when epublishing was in its infancy--the defensive tone, the "come join the wild independent FREE no-censorship" world of publishing, as well as the some of the other side's really condescending tone. It's going to be interesting to see how each side treats Big Bad Wolf :::grin:::
December 23rd, 2008 @ 11:33 PM