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Janitor On Duty

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December 24th, 2008

6:13 PM

An early Christmas present (sort of)

Since it's not nice to want to murder someone around Christmas, I'll just focus on happy thoughts instead. I have puppies! Eight of them! Dumped in a box at the playground early in the morning (or perhaps late in the night, who knows), left to fend for themselves, and guess who has to come across them during her morning tai-chi classes.

They are so cute, I want to keep them all, but I can't do that, of course, because I already have four dogs in my house. Besides, having 12 dogs around the place will seriously drive me crazy. Can you imagine trying to bathe them? But they are so, so cute, I know I will just have my heart broken when I finally have to send them off to their new homes.

Okay, so now the crazy dog lady will lose her few remaining friends when she calls them up whether they know anyone who is in need of puppies as Christmas presents. Free puppies! Five females, three males, all of them clearly mongrels of who-knows-what breed. I hope I can get them off to new homes before they get too attached to my four dogs because that will be really heartbreaking. Then again, with me being me, I'm very picky about who gets the dogs, so perhaps finding them owners that will take good care of them may take some time, sigh.

Maybe I should just open a dog home of some sort since I seem to be attracting stray puppies on what seems like a monthly basis. How much does such a business cost, anyway?

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