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December 29th, 2008

5:23 PM

Dancing In The Dark by Bruce Springsteen


Not that I need any excuse to tell you to go check out the video of one of my favorite songs by The Boss, but you have to check out the comments for this particular video on YouTube

Here is a sample:

FrankRizzo911 (3 months ago)
Courtney Cox was in the middle of a lesbian relationship with Bruce's sister at the time. That's how she got the gig. True story.

1405morrison (3 months ago)
Bruce dances like a drunk Jew at a Bah Mitzvah with a bad case of rectal worts in this video.

FrankRizzo911 (3 months ago)
I read on wikipedia that a young Michael Rappaport was supposed to have some roll in this video. Unfortunately he went awol at the time of shooting. Rumor has it he was found naked and hog tied with duct tape in Springsteens dressing room. It's believed Max Weinberg was behind it all. But cool video anyway. Only thing missing is some sweet Rappaport action. Oh god yes.

faggylimpwrist (3 months ago)
I worked in the make up dept. for the production of this video. Bruce didnt have anal warts but your real close morrison. Bruce was in agony suffering from hemmroids during the shoot that the producers wanted to postpone for a week. Being the boss and almost a superhero he gutted it out but his dancing suffered as everyone can see in this vid.

faggylimpwrist (3 months ago)
BTW, I was fired from the make up crew after I threw hot bacon grease at that little bitch Courtney fuckin Cox. I was so jelous she got to dance with the Boss I couldnt control myself.

doogz65 (3 months ago)
this vid should give all arthritis sufferers a glimer of hope! also is that bassist with headband ben stiller?

mememaddie1234 (1 month ago)
the girl in the video is so friken lucky!

1405morrison (1 month ago)
Thats not a girl, thats Scott Baio from Joanie Love's Chachi

1 comment(s).

Posted by Katrina Strauss:

Thats not a girl, thats Scott Baio from Joanie Love's Chachi

Oh god, I just spewed the morning caffeine fix through my nose!
December 30th, 2008 @ 11:34 PM