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March 23rd, 2009

12:18 AM

American Idol recaps

23/03/09: Okay, I managed to finish only the performance night by tonight, with the results hour (one hour, groan) yet to be finished. Click on the link below to read the updated version of the draft with added stuff on performances by Megan, Adam, Matt, and Alexis. I've yet to correct grammar, spelling, etc.

I was aiming to finish the recaps of Michael Jackson night and Honky-Tonk night by this weekend, but I'm behind schedule. If you see what I have done for the recap of Michael Jackson night so far, you'll see why I'm behind schedule: the number of contestants and the amount of filler caused the 3/4 of the recap done so far to be far longer than ANY recap that I have written before! I will finish this one by tomorrow (touch on wood) and then start work on Country night the day after next.

You can read what I have written so far at:


Warning: it's very tasteless and some jokes would be considered very disrespectful to dead people. Also, this is an unfinished draft and I have not reread it to revise/correct anything that has to be corrected, so be warned that there will be some spelling and grammar mistakes as well as missing or misused words.

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