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Janitor On Duty

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April 1st, 2009

1:25 AM


This week's Celebrity Apprentice is great TV. I have to hand it to Mark Burnett - he shamelessly exploited Dennis Rodman's drinking problem and yet somehow convincingly gave me a sappy ending that brought me close to tears. Especially the adorable Joan Rivers' teary confessional in the end. For a while, I forgot what show I was watching - it's like watching a sober episode of Intervention. I don't know how the rest of the season is going to top this one. Apart from Dennis, there are some bitchy gay men, Steven Baldwin acting like a putz, Big Pussy amusingly acting like a hard to please client, and Brian McKnight on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I know, this show is really crappy and irrelevant, but this season is really great TV. Joan Rivers is so cool!
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