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April 11th, 2009

9:45 PM

On The Couch

Is Tom Bianchi's On The Couch series, volumes 1 and 2, an interesting blend of male photo-pornography or what? I just saw it accidentally recently, thinking it's nothing more than a documentary about photoshoots of naked men until the naked men in question start making out before the camera and I go, "Oh, my!" I find myself struck by how the focus is as much on the touches, kisses, and looks exchanged during the physical intimacy as it is on the men's naked physique. The whole thing is quite romantic, actually.

Oh, and the chavvy looking guy at the end of Volume 2, with his stubble, chiseled muscles, square jawline, perfectly hirsute torso, and all, is the perfect example of a non-pretty kind of hot guy. Okay, he sounds not too bright when he speaks, but come on, that's part of his appeal. Dumb, hot, and hung - I think I'm going to write to Mr Bianchi for tips on how to become a dirty old photo-pornographer. The sight of Tall, Dumb, and Hung wearing leather strips and dog collar, getting molested by a dirty old man like Tom Bianchi, is one of the hottest things I've seen on film.

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Posted by Conrad:

Keep it up, Mrs. G! Your honest confession about your fascination for hot gay love has always been very liberating for women who love gay men but thinks its still some sort of taboo to actually come out and announce it to all and sundry. For some reason, people can talk about shocking crimes such as pedeophilia and incest as if its the most natural thing, yet can't talk openly about the females fascination with homosexual males. Straight guys go around saying lesbians are hot, yet girls think they'll be ostricized for even saying that they also have the same fascination with the queer folks just like their human, male couterpart. Aiaaa, when will there truly be an equality in gender in reality rather theory! Atleast Asian chicks are open about their erotic fantasies with dudes who likes dudes! And beleive you me, Mrs. G, every time you talk about hot gay men the women DO feel that more confident about coming out and saying it some time in the future. I have a friend who reads Frodo/Sam slash, yaoi and watches gay porn extensively but says she's afraid to admit it out loud cause others just won't do it! WTF? :(
April 12th, 2009 @ 2:18 PM