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April 21st, 2009

9:29 PM

Let's rile up the RT organizers with some hot MM ads!

What's RT without some commotion about MM romance publishers and authors getting sidelined, eh? This year, let's do it with style. I'm no copywriter, so my attempts may be amateurish, but here are my suggestion for stall banners and fliers for this RT ball. For convenience's sake, I created a name for the MM Publisher in question. Here goes:

In a dirty-looking toilet cubicle, we have a handsome but stubbled fellow seated on the toilet and reading an MM romance. Next to him, a big pee-pee is sticking out through the hole on the cubicle wall, but our hero ignores it and continues reading with an enraptured expression on his face. Cue the words: CORNHOLE PRESS. OUR BOOKS ARE MORE HAPPENING THAN YOUR LOCAL GLORY HOLE.

If someone wants to go ahead and make a YouTube promotional clip, here is my idea. Bear in mind that a significant budget is needed to hire Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki for their respective roles.

First, we zoom in on a TV set. We have Sam and Dean Winchester looking deep into each other's eyes as the rain falls heavily, plastering their clothes to their bodies so that everyone watching them can swoon. Cue sentimental music (suggested track: anything from the Titanic soundtrack).

Sam (sobbing like a hysterical little girl): Deanie, I'm so scared!

Dean (sobbing like a manly tsundere): Sammy, how I've always waited for this moment. In my dreams...

Sam (still sobbing): Be gentle, it will be my first time up the butt...

Dean (also sobbing, but in a more manly way): I'll be gentle! Like Sasuke with Naruto in those bedtime stories Daddy used to read us!

Sam (wailing now): I love you, DEANIE!

Dean (wailing now, but in a more manly way): SAMMY! I LOVE YOU!

We zoom away from the TV, to show off a girl's bedroom with the walls plastered with posters of the two guys in question. We see a young lady, maybe fourteen, looking bookish and wearing spectacles but in a cute and adorable way, of course, who ignores the subsequent explicit manlove happening on TV as all her attention is glued to the MM book she is reading.


2 comment(s).

Posted by meh:

thanks...i now have something to carry me through my work day ;-)
April 21st, 2009 @ 10:22 PM

Posted by storm grant:

LOL! Isnt' that canon after the last ep?
~ Stormy (who might have written some Wincest under another name) 8-D
April 22nd, 2009 @ 12:47 AM