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June 2nd, 2009

12:09 PM

Poor Susan Boyle

From the backlash to her hype to her being admitted to the Priory, the famous "mental health clinic" in Great Britain, Susan Boyle's post-Britain's Got Talent fame doesn't seem to be going too well. You can argue that she's the real winner as the actual winner, the poor dance group Diversity, gets barely any mention in the British press - it was all "Susan got sent to the Priory!" with Diversity mentioned as an afterword.

I feel sad for her, though. We have, from reports, a socially awkward woman of dubious mental health who got thrust into the limelight. The media hype turned her into something she's not: a saint-like Cinderella who missed the chance to be famous because she courageously devoted her life to nursing her ill mother. The fact that she's not pretty (let's be honest here) allows her to be lifted on the pedestal even higher as people get to momentarily pat their own backs for being so enlightened about loving an ugly woman who can sing as opposed to talentless tarts that hit the charts nowadays. But the real Susan Boyle seems to be this... well, strange woman who gets so focused on something that it doesn't take much to push her buttons and have her lose her temper and behave in ways that a more socially-adjusted person may recognize as embarrassing.

In other words, Susan Boyle can sing, but she is also ripe for manipulation for our sadistic amusement. Now that she's exposed as someone who is far from the saint-like salt-of-the-earth Cinderella type, I fear that there would only be a cruel backlash to follow as people mock her for being a flawed human being.

The best thing for Susan is for her to go home and fade into obscurity again. But given that she's still a hot item and she's contractually bound to go on tours and what not, I can only fear that she may become even more damaged by the end of the year.  

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Posted by Nat:

This is all so sad. The winners get pretty much nothing. And the runner-up gets eviscerated. All because we'd rather be entertained than informed.

We're a sick, sick species.
June 2nd, 2009 @ 4:05 PM