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June 11th, 2009

12:45 PM

Mundania gobbles up Hard Shell Word Factory


Interesting. Hard Shell Word Factory had been in hibernation, or so it seemed. If you look at their website, they had yet to release books they had scheduled all the way from April 2008! For the last two years that I was actually wondering when the other shoe would drop and they would close. Piers Anthony's website hinted that there were problems galore with that publisher, which I suspected was the reason why that publisher had been dormant for so long. Instead, it seems like Mundania has acquired this "Wait, it's still in business?" publisher.

Mundania, in case you're not aware, owns Phaze, its erotic imprint, and it has recently purchased Awe-Struck as well. I find this most recent move curious because for one, Awe-Struck and Hard Shell Word Factory are quite similar in terms of the kind of books they put out, so why buy two when one would do? They already have Awe-Struck, so what are Hard Shell going to be? The young adult imprint?  

Still, only those people will know the true reasons for this transaction. For me, if this means some of the older Hard Shell Word Factory books finally get a rerelease in a more updated format, this is actually good news.


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