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Janitor On Duty

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April 10th, 2014

3:23 PM

Frozen ice and forlorn depths


About the missing plane MH370, this graphical illustration show the true, and bleak, difficulty of recovering the black box of that plane, if it was what they thought it would be. Just looking at the graphic makes me feel... well, it's not a good feeling, let's just say.

The history of 7-11 and the Slurpee

Interesting. ICEE and Slurpee have their histories entwined. ICEE used to be widely available in Malaysia, and it was my guilty pleasure. Oddly enough, I never warmed up to the Slurpee. It seems like Slurpee is still big elsewhere when Slurpee machines are barely maintained in Malaysian 7-11 outlets.

People in America are desperately searching for Frozen merchandise?

I guess that explains why I can't find any in Malaysian Toy-R-Us outlets. Nothing left to sell overseas?
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