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May 3rd, 2014

6:46 PM

General Hospital: that Gay Love Triangle Thing

I can't care less about General Hospital, to be honest, but I was intrigued when they cast Parry Shen to be a gay Asian doctor who happens to be evil. That breaks many stereotypes of Asian characters and I can't help following Parry Shen's YouTube channel, where he compiles scenes involving Brad Cooper on that show.

I detest the character's infatuation with Felix. I like Brad's evil moments, and that one scene where he turns on the charm on Felix, only to revert back to his mean self when that guy is out of the room - that is a joy to behold. But Felix is a hypocritical sanctimonious asshole. He judges everyone like he's Mother Theresa on a pedestal, and the actor playing him and Mr Shen have zero chemistry.

I sort of tuned off until they brought back Ryan Carnes's character and have Lucas, who's also gay, surprise fans by honing on - not on Felix, like many fans expected, but on Brad. Another stereotype - "Asians are not sexy" - broken, nice. Even better, Mr Carnes oozes the sexy smarm and makes his persistent stalking of Brad pretty intriguing.

Since this is a soap opera, and every character turns unbearable eventually, can we have Lucas and Brad just leave the show later down the road together or something? That would be a nice ending for these two. I'd rather see these two than the flat and painful Brad/Felix pairing.

2 user comments.

Posted by Mrs Giggles:

No, no, no, that way lies insanity! Just watch the relevant parts here: http://parryshen.com/media.php

That's what I did and I perfectly understand the whole story! (Shows you the quality of the show.)
May 4th, 2014 @ 12:20 AM

Posted by Ashera:

I used to watch GH religiously when I was in college-- that was the era of Luke and Laura and Robert Scorpio and Rick Springfield. Haha. Anyway, this sounds so deliciously over the top I might have to start up again.
May 3rd, 2014 @ 10:50 PM