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November 27th, 2007

10:11 PM

We need more creative groupies

Michael Buble's butt

In view of the floozy who exposed that boring walking granny-gramophone Michael Bublé as a rat, a cheater, and a philanderer - in other words, like 90% of all the people in the entertainment industry - who generously provided photographic evidences of Michael's sexy childbearing hips and feminine curves (see above - click on it to see a bigger version), I wish all those groupies of other male celebrities will do the same and tell the tabloids. And while they are at it, please take some full frontal shots. Hugh Jackman groupies, please take one for the team ASAP.

PS: I understand that Marsha Canham is a big fan of this kid. I wonder if rear end nudity of that fellow will be the thing that draws her out of her retirement.

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Posted by veinglory:

I have no idea who that is but if we get more nudie pictures of real guys I am all for it.
November 28th, 2007 @ 10:17 AM