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December 4th, 2007

7:59 AM

Impromptu Poll

Blast off!

Now that I am free to do more reviews with TV recaps no longer taking up nearly all of my waking hours, I have been toying with adding a new kind of reviews on the site.

What do you think? Should I take a look at fanfiction? I know there are Livejournals out there who do a good job at reviewing them, but a part of me is not too sure about shredding the hopes and hearts of sweet thirteen-year old girls. Make no mistake, there are really good fanfiction authors out there, although I haven't really taken down names and all, so I thought it will be interesting to discover them and share the news of their works to anyone who may be interested. It depends on visitor interest though. It may be interesting to follow the course of a good fanfiction writer who eventually graduates to legitimate publishing.

If I just review the "nice ones", I will no doubt get complains like I do about my reviews of POD books - apparently I'm too nice when in truth I buy nearly all the POD books I review (in electronic format, of course) and because I am very picky about the POD books I buy, I tend to get only the ones I know will interest me/I will enjoy.

I suspect that Bad Fanfiction Dump (a name that is meant to be, er, ironic, of course) will make its debut soon if people are all for it, so let me know what you think. Email, here, guestbook, the usual.

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Posted by veinglory:

What about ezines like Quantum Muse etc? I am always on the look out for good ezines....
December 4th, 2007 @ 10:22 AM