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December 6th, 2007

9:20 AM

Monster Sex


The new trend in erotic fiction: Monster Sex! (Warning: link leads to an adult story website - NSFW) I suspect that the author ("brain_sex") is having fun. One has to be, with passages like this one below. Right?

Oh piss, it's a monster! screamed Kyrie.

And it has a lazy eye! screamed Leah.

Hey ladies, be cool please, I'm not a scary monster, I'm a hot sex monster, alright? said the monster.

What the piss is a hot sex monster? asked Kyrie.

Well, said the monster I'm similar to a regular monster, but instead of scaring ladies, I roger them

That's logical said Leah and took off her dress.

Kyrie thought her friend must be mad, until she saw the monster's huge erection. It came out of his belly like a dog or something, and it was all large. He put his great dong inside Leah's waiting hoo-hah and thrusted like a mad man. Except he was a monster, rather than a man.

Oh shite, Monster, you'd great at sex! moaned Leah, as she came.

Well I don't wish to be left out of this! said Kyrie, removing her clothing. Will you bang me too, Monster?

In a minute bitch, I'm not done with your friend! replied the monster.

Who are you calling a bitch, you twat? yelled Kyrie.

Aw, he didn't mean it Kyrie, Monsters just get rude when they're about to cum, I saw it on the Science Channel. said Leah

Leah, you're so smart said Kyrie I guess I won't hold it against the Monster. Sorry I called you a twat, Monster, will you put your big green dong in my bottom?

Lovely. And here is another fun one, by "gentle mango", where this monster dong turns out to be a weapon of mass destruction. For the greater good, of course. A sample:

Ludo's massive monster penis emerged from its warty sheath at the speed of light, smashing into Jareth's side. The Goblin King cried out in pain and fell to the floor, his rib cage smashed by the monstrous phallus. Ludo roared proudly, whirling around to face the approaching goblin army. His gigantic cock scythed through the oncoming attackers, slaying them all with the acidic precum that dripped from its lumpy tip. Sarah whimpered in awe and terror as she spied the meaty tree trunk. It was as long as her body and about as thick. Its surface was gnarled and rippled with veins and old scars, the warts studded with bristly red hair. The precum splattered down on her skin. It was warm but did not burn her. Ludo smiled. His true loves were immune to the destroying power of his jizzum -- that was his magic.
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Posted by Anne Douglas:

I'm going to have to save that for the morning, I think, when I'm not having dizzy spells, because if that's a good cross section I'm going to laugh so hard I'll fall down (and I have enough of that today, who knew I'd have a reaction to ginseng tablets:-( )
December 6th, 2007 @ 11:17 AM