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December 28th, 2007

6:45 PM

Warning - Suzanne Brockmann writes about TEH GHEY!

One banana!

I don't know what to say about Lesley Dunlap's review of Suzanne Brockmann's All Through The Night. I normally don't want to comment on reviews on other websites or blogs but this review has me scratching my head. I suspect that I am going to channel some of Monica Jackson's "diva on a rampage" mode here so you may want to look away if that's not your thing.

From Ms Dunlap complaining about her Aunt Sally not wanting to read this kind of books to the "TMI" about sex ("Wouldn't some cuddling have sufficed?") to the fact we need a full disclosure about the gay thing in this book, I realize that indeed, perhaps gay romance isn't that ready for the big time yet. I also don't get the point that the lack of homophobia among the Troubleshooters is unrealistic - come on, the Troubleshooters are the new Justice League of America, perfect men, so of course they are also open-minded enough to accept gay men among their ranks, no? - when in the same review Ms Dunlap also complains about "more pervasive homosexual stereotypes". The stereotyping that is given as example is the two men calling each other "Babe" and "Sweetie".

Of course, there is the obligatory "I support gays!" thing:

Ms. Brockmann's personal agenda permeates the story. Her son is gay, and she is very active in organizations trying to end discrimination against gays. This is a position I support, but I'd just as soon not have it hammered it at me in a romance novel, even a relatively short one.

With all due respect to the site and the reviewer, I think this is one review that is pretty loaded in the sense that it is open to all kinds of negative interpretations. Maybe Ms Dunlap didn't mean to come off the way she did in the review, I don't know, but I suspect that reaction to this one can get ugly pretty fast. Nonetheless, this review serves as a reminder to us all, I think. Not everyone is ready for the gay thing and reviews like this are to expected once the gay thing dare to creep out to "contaminate" the pure heterosexual marble halls of the genre.

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Posted by Sarah S. G. Frantz:

I personally thought that this was a wonderful return to Brockmann's category romance style and that the romance plot was very well done. No, their relationship was never truly threatened, but it was great to see them work through some real problems and come out with a stronger relationship in the end.

And I think Dunlap's "Oh Noes! Teh Gay Sexx0rring!!" is hysterical in light of the fact that the most common response I've seen is to question why Brockmann was being so coy with the sex when she's usually so graphic. I guess Dunlap's review answers that question! "Ew, I don't even want to imagine that they ever get the opportunity to have sex, even after they propose marriage to each other! How gross!" ::sigh::

And I'm sorry, but anyone whose been following the TS at all knows that this is a "gay romance."

This book was written for her fans to show previous couples in their HEA (as someone says, "Do you have any friends who aren't pregnant"), and To See What Would Happen if a gay romance were published mainstream. And while the world didn't come crashing to an end, people here and there did reveal their true colors!
December 28th, 2007 @ 10:16 PM

Posted by Teddypig:

I'd just as soon not have it hammered it at me in a romance novel, even a relatively short one.

Humph Humph Humph Ewww Gay People! Humph.
Why review a Gay Romance if she does not not teh ghey?
December 28th, 2007 @ 10:38 PM