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December 3rd, 2008

2:59 PM

Ravenous Press

After a rocky round of publicity boo-boo, Ravenous Press is up and running since December 1, 2008. The website looks very nice and professional, if I may say so. The general pricing is that short stories go for $0.99 and longer works for $4.99 while audiobooks (hmm) go for $12.99. The covers for the longer works are very pretty without being tacky.

They plan to release a title a day, which isn't that bad if you consider how Ellora's Cave releases about 8 titles a week (8 x 52 = 416 titles), which makes that company's output higher than Ravenous Press' planned 365 titles a year. Perhaps the number is ambitious for a start-up press, but I suspect that the bulk of the 365 titles will be the $0.99 short nibbles.

All in all, a very promising-looking outfit. I'd like to see them stick around so that I can see what they will come up with. I may just get a few stuff from them later this month. The Men In Shorts anthology look promising. Of course, if you beat me to the punch, I'd appreciate any feedback from you about the quality of the stories you have read. 

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