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December 29th, 2008

5:08 PM

Independence Day by Gretchen Peters

People know Martina McBride's version of this song better, but Gretchen Peters was the person who wrote, composed, and performed Independence Day first. The song has since evolved into one of those songs where people never paid close attention to the words and ended up using it in a most embarrassing manner. It's not about patriotism, it's not about partying, it's about a desperate woman who had had enough of her abusive husband's drunken beating, shot him, and torched the whole house with the two of them still inside.

The most well-publicized and embarrassing example of this was Sarah Palin's short-lived use of that song as her theme song of sorts. Unless Mrs Palin was trying to tell the world something about her relationship with Todd Palin behind closed doors, this was clearly one of those "I didn't pay attention to the words" boo-boo.

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