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April 10th, 2009

9:40 PM

I've officially lost it

Remember how I wrote about accidentally ordering four copies of the same book from Amazon in a single order?

Today, a parcel arrived. It had the new Julie James book! I was so excited... until I realized that I had accidentally ordered Just The Sexiest Man Alive, a book that I already had.

Returning the book for a refund is pointless as it will cost me more money to ship the book back to America. Sigh. Still, it's a good book so some lucky friend of mine is getting a freebie this month.

Now I have to wait until the book reaches Malaysian bookstores, which would take... oh, maybe another month or so. Sigh. Another shipment wasted because I'm losing it. I think I need to hire someone to carry out my Amazon orders for me. I'm officially dotty, I don't think I can trust myself any more.

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