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Janitor On Duty

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May 4th, 2009

11:00 PM

I need a break from online people

Imagine that you live in a neighborhood where you get to see all your neighbors behaving like hooligans flinging dung at each other's faces. And then imagine that you realize that they have written a book each and you are expected to review them fairly. And then, when you try to read those books, you can't help remembering their poo-flinging psycho-loony antics and your mood to keep reading is gone.

So, in order to get recharge my batteries, I am on a break from blogging and I am also not going to check the handful of blogs and websites that I have left on my bookmark because I'd like to read and I'd rather not be distracted by the authors' online nonsense.

I've locked all comments on this blog, deleted a recent blog entry, and added another sixteen authors' names into my list of exposed baboon ass "Don't waste any time on them or their books" hall of fame. See you guys around when I've taken a nice long break from the online train wrecks currently taking place all around. Hopefully by then there will be more adults in the community instead of just kids screaming and pulling at each other's hair in order to get the last word.

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